Distributes $45,000 from fundraisers

The Haldane School Foundation announced last week that it has awarded 18 fall grants worth $45,000 with money raised during fundraisers such as Casino Royale on Dec. 3, and its annual appeal.

The grants included $8,300 for a field trip for juniors to Washington, D.C.; $5,000 for a field trip for the eighth grade to Frost Valley; $4,900 for a middle-school robotics club; $3,800 for calming spaces in the elementary school; $3,000 for a trip for sixth-graders to the Metropolitan Museum of Art; $3,000 for a community speaker on digital safety; $2,500 for a high school world-language immersion program; $2,300 for an Innovative Greenhouse initiative for sixth-graders; and $2,300 for a science field trip for fifth-graders to Lake Compounce.

The other grants were $2,600 for a visiting poet for eighth-graders; $2,000 for a pit to play gaga ball for grades K-8; $2,000 for an anti-bullying program and $1,500 for an anxiety relief speaker for grades 6-12; $1,300 for chess club members to attend the state championship; $1,100 for art therapy for Grade 4; $1,100 for wheel-throwing ceramics; $900 for an elementary science assembly; and $500 for the high school journalism class to work with The Current.

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