Byrne Restructures Executive Jobs

Legislature approves changes

The Putnam County Legislature on Tuesday (Feb. 7) approved requests by County Executive Kevin Byrne to make personnel changes in his office.

Byrne created two positions in his office, a director of communications who will be paid $83,000 annually and a director of compliance and intergovernmental relations who will earn $75,000. He also eliminated two positions, the director of constituent services ($47,000 annually) and a position in the Purchasing Department ($67,000). The work of these positions will be reassigned, including to the deputy county executive, who will receive a raise of $25,000 annually, to $154,000. Byrne earns $176,000.

Combined with other cuts, the changes resulted in a savings of $65,000 annually, according to figures provided to the Legislature.

The changes passed 8-0. Nancy Montgomery, who represents Philipstown and is the Legislature’s sole Democrat, said in a statement she was “encouraged” by the creation of the two executive positions. “I applaud the county executive’s bipartisan approach in including me, the minority leader, on these negotiations,” she said.

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