On the evening of Feb. 2, Hudson Highlands Fjord Trail Inc. (HHFT) presented an interactive open house for Cold Spring community members at the firehouse. We are so grateful to Cold Spring Fire Co. No. 1 for their generosity in allowing us to use their facilities.

Cold Spring leadership requested a session that focused on their residents’ specific concerns, and we were happy to oblige. The purpose of the open house was to take a deeper dive into some of the information from the Parking & Shuttle Study HHFT commissioned from transportation experts Steadman Hill Consulting and Creighton Manning Engineering.

We took the opportunity to also share information on other elements of the Fjord Trail plan that might be of particular interest to the Cold Spring community. More than 80 people attended. We want to thank everyone for taking the time to participate. By reviewing the information, asking questions and, most importantly, sharing your insights and concerns, you are helping to shape the project. I always come away from public meetings with ideas and insights from residents, and this meeting was no exception. This feedback will be vital to us as we move forward.

As with our previous events, we will create a summary of the information presented, and the feedback received from attendees and through a companion online survey. These findings will be emailed to all those who attended and posted on our website (hhft.org) soon after. We look forward to seeing folks at our next event.

Amy Kacala, Poughkeepsie
Kacala is the executive director of Hudson Highlands Fjord Trail Inc.

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  1. I attended this session, and did not find that the Fjord Trail folks were all that interested in our input. It was more of a show, not a listening session. And in cases where they were “listening,” it was because they were trying to figure out the lesser of two evils. They were not interested in changing the main plans at all.

    I am greatly concerned about the circus that will be created in our little village that can hardly handle a sunny summer’s day now. I can’t even imagine the traffic nightmare that will happen daily when people try to find parking near the Dockside “trailhead” and end up circling the entire village.

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