Open Studios Tackles Winter

Annual Beacon show launches February event

Particularly during this mild winter, that urge to get out on the weekend is strong. The Winter Weekend Art Show, which unspools Saturday (Feb. 18) and Sunday (Feb. 19) in Beacon, will attempt to satisfy that craving.  

The free event will take place at The Yard, with 70 to 80 works curated from submissions chosen by Darya Golubina, director of Beacon Open Studios, and her colleagues. As with the larger summer Open Studios event, the winter show gives visitors the opportunity to meet and engage with the artists. 

Golubina, who revived the summer event in 2022 after it became a casualty of the pandemic and burnout, hopes the winter show also will become a mainstay. Over the past few months, BOS has organized several figure-drawing sessions to raise funds, and BeaconArts is also providing support.

For $10, artists were invited to submit up to five pieces. Golubina and other organizers chose pieces they “felt could be shown in conversation. While we won’t be announcing a theme or a title for the show, we did look for a common thread, or a relationship within the chosen work,” she explains.

They tried to include “a bit of everything,” including painting, photography, sculpture, conceptual installation, ink drawing, collage and mixed media. 

Artists set their own prices (as they do for all Beacon Open Studios exhibits). The organization does not take a percentage and “if we provide a space for a show, we make sure the gallery cut is minimal and in the artist’s favor,” says Golubina. 

Even with all that is going on, Beacon Open Studios is already planning its July event. This year’s schedule will include a ticketed concert and a mini-film festival, and also “promises to be even more expansive,” she says.

The Yard is located at 4 Hanna Lane, where parking is available, or it’s a short walk from the east end of Main Street. See The exhibit will be open from noon to 9 p.m. on Saturday and noon to 6 p.m. on Sunday. Singer and songwriter Julia Zivic will perform at 8 p.m. on Saturday. 

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