Haldane’s Paper: The Blue Print

Six times each year, the members of Ashley Linda’s journalism class at Haldane High School publish a newspaper, The Blue Print. With support from the Haldane School Foundation, The Current is working with the students to share their reporting with the community. Selections from the October and December issues appear below.

Reporters: Savannah Duggan, Jenny Knox, Giovannina Manfredi, Eloise Pearsall, Kayena Pierre

Haldane’s Club Fair

By Kayena Pierre

On Tuesday, Sept. 13, I attended Haldane High School’s Club Fair. I’m a freshman, so this was my first in-person school event since fifth grade!

The Club Fair took place outside of the high school and in the main lobby during 10th period. Upperclassmen set up tables providing information about their clubs and trying to recruit members. There were display posters and Google Classroom codes for students to join and get more information.

It was hot and humid outside, and chaotic, but everyone was friendly. I attended by myself and thought I would be pushed aside since I was a freshman but it wasn’t like that at all. Everyone who was representing their club at each station was welcoming. I went to seven stations to interview clubs and they were all interesting. There were new clubs starting this year, along with more-established clubs.

March For Our Lives (New!)
Conrad White, founding member
Things to know about the club: “I started this chapter over the summer and hopefully, the chapter will last longer than me. It’s inspired by the actual March For Our Lives movement that started in 2018 after the Parkland shooting” in Florida.
What inspired you to start this club? “I wanted a place where I can talk and teach about gun violence. And I wanted to give myself and other students a place where they can.”

Yearbook Club
Mrs. Peparo, faculty adviser
Things to know about the club: “We document everything that happens in a school year and provide an amazing memento for anyone that’s interested.”
Are there any requirements to join? “Can work, have a positive attitude, and can meet deadlines.”

Future Business Leaders of America (New!)
John Kisslinger and Charlie Keegan, founding members
Things to know about the club: John: “It’s been a work in progress for years now. A student came up with the ideas originally a year before COVID.” Charlie: “The club is geared toward someone who has a slight interest in business or doesn’t have a plan after college. It’s good to experience many different types of majors that you can’t really experience here at Haldane.”
Topics: John: “You don’t have to know the big topics of business by the way. There are many activities and competitions such as public speaking, graphic design and even political science. So anybody can be a crucial member of this club.”

Women Empowered
Ms. Linda, faculty adviser
Things to know about the club: “Woman empowerment club is a safe space and a breaking space for all students to share ideas, discover, and communicate on topics that affect their lives in and out of school. It’s a student-led club, so the students decide on the topics.”
Topics: “Sometimes we talk about gender and sports, the importance of women being represented in the STEM field. We talk about body positivity, the idea, and the importance of consent. We have some guest speakers, and we also sometimes watch films/TV shows. There is just a wide range of things students that year want to do or talk about.”

Environmental Club (New!)
Ms. Branco, faculty adviser
Things to know about the club: “This is my first year teaching this club, in order to make this a student-driven club I’m going to wait until we have some meetings and see what the students are interested in.”
What inspired you to start this club? “I’ve always cared about the environment since I was little. It has just been in the back of my head. So I wanted to bring this to other people.”

Debate Club
Colin Hopkins, member
Things to know about the club: “What we do is go into other schools and debate students on a variety of topics. It’s a very fun experience. It teaches you how to debate, how to form any arguments, and engage with other people.”
Topics: “Policy proposals, abolishing the Olympic Games, world policies, and just morals or beliefs.”

Poetry Club
Samuel Bates, member

Things to know about the club: “Our club is not meant for writing poetry — it is meant for people who enjoy it, and read it, and people who want to show their own work. We have a new theme every week.”
Topics: “You’re going to discover new poets, up-and-coming poets, and some like major historical ones.”

Haldane Model UN

By Eloise Pearsall

On the weekend of Nov. 4, Haldane’s Model UN club traveled to the University of Connecticut to participate in the conference held for high school students.

Haldane’s Model UN Club has been a consistent club for many years, but they hadn’t attended the UCONN conference since 2020, when they participated virtually. Students like junior Lily Benson joined the club to “learn about the process of [Model UN] as well as expand my leadership and problem-solving skills.”

model UN

Haldane students traveled to the University of Connecticut for Model UN. (Photo by Amelia Kupper)

Two days before Haldane’s Model UN club would leave for the conference, their adviser, Mrs. McGrath, was hit with COVID. Luckily Mrs. Seaholm was able to step in.

When Benson arrived at UCONN, this being her first trip, she “felt more comfortable than I expected.” Because of COVID, many of the students there were also experiencing the conference for the first time.

For three days, each group of students represented delegates of different countries, discussing problems relevant to today. The goal was to come to an agreement that would solve the issue at hand.

If you’re looking for a club to join at Haldane, Benson shares that she would recommend people join Model UN because it is a “great learning experience and it was interesting to meet new people from all across the country and hear new perspectives on current world issues.”

Garrison Students Visit

By Giovannina Manfredi

On Nov. 9, Garrison students toured Haldane High School. When students enter ninth grade, they have the ability to choose their high school: Haldane, Putnam Valley or O’Neill. Upon arrival, the Garrison students were divided into groups with two to three Haldane tour guides. They toured for an hour through the high school and middle school. Then everyone met up in the gym in the middle school for pizza and to talk more about what Haldane is about.

haldane swag

Garrison students were sent home with swag after their visit to Haldane High School. (Haldane photo)

We proceeded to go through some slides about the school’s academics and sports, then introduced some of the teachers and the principal, Mrs. Sniffen. Being a tour guide reminded me of when I toured Haldane last year in my eighth-grade year.

What makes Haldane stick out to them compared to their other options? Ester Amato said: “It was a nice experience to go on the tour and it felt you were a part of the high school when you were there.” She felt like the tour guides were very helpful and knew what they were talking about.

Another eighth grade student from Garrison stated: “It’s small and everyone heard they have a good theater and music program. Their sports are pretty good.” This student, who preferred to stay anonymous, felt like the environment was small, but if that’s what you’re looking for then Haldane is a nice choice.

Not everyone walked away from the experience thinking Haldane was the best fit. One student, who wished to stay anonymous, said: “The teachers seem nice, but I didn’t like the school.”

The tour guides felt the visit went very well. One of the students who helped guide the Garrison students stated: “It gave a chance for the students to see everyday school life for us at Haldane. They were able to see what the school really is without everything being glorified, which I think is important.”

Students vs. Faculty Volleyball

By Savannah Duggan

On Nov. 3, the annual Student vs. Faculty volleyball game occurred in the big gym. Students from grades 9 through 12 could attend this event. Also, any staff members could participate. Before the game, there was an ice cream social in the cafeteria. This was where students and staff bought ice cream and bonded.

This fundraiser was for the Class of 2024. Some students came to play in the game and others just came to watch. “I enjoyed watching everyone having fun; we should do more fundraisers like this,” said Jayden Treloar, a sophomore.

Mrs. Seholm, who is the new foods teacher at Haldane, said: “It was thrilling to have the opportunity to play with my fellow colleagues.”

The whole point of these events are to strengthen relationships and even meet new people. In high school, new students come from different schools, including Theo Baranszky-Job, who is a freshman and came from Garrison: “Man, it was great. I love the faculty versus student atmosphere; it feels friendly yet competitive.”

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