Tax Break for Fire, EMS Volunteers

Laws grant exemptions of 10 percent

Volunteer ambulance workers and firefighters in Putnam and Dutchess counties now qualify for a 10 percent property-tax exemption under new local laws. 

In Putnam County, Executive Kevin Byrne signed the law, which the Legislature passed on Feb. 7, during a Feb. 23 ceremony at the Bureau of Emergency Services in Carmel. As a member of the state Assembly last year, Byrne voted for the legislation that gave counties the option to provide the exemption.

The Dutchess Legislature passed its law on Feb. 14. 

To qualify in Putnam, firefighters and EMS personnel must have at least five years of service and provide certificates from fire or ambulance companies certifying that they are eligible, enrolled members. In Dutchess, volunteers must have served at least three years. Volunteers who have served at least 20 years receive the exemption for life.

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