Around Town (Photos)

Penny social

WHAT DID I WIN? — A penny social held at the VFW in Beacon on March 4 benefited the Animal Rescue Foundation shelter. How does a penny social work? Participants buy raffle tickets and place them in paper bags next to the items they hope to win. (Photo by Ross Corsair)

Driver appreciation

THANKS FOR DRIVING — Haldane students thanked their bus drivers on Feb. 22, which was National School Bus Driver Appreciation Day. One sign read: “Anyone can drive a car — it takes someone special to drive a bus!” (Photo provided)

Underground music

OPENING ACTS — Jeffrey Lewis, an “anti-folk” singer, songwriter and comic book artist from New York City, hosted Uncontaminated Sound: Reflections at the Howland Cultural Center in Beacon on March 4 to open an exhibit by photographer Rob Lundberg. Indigo Sparke, an Australian singer and songwriter, also performed. (Photo by Ross Corsair)


ELECTRICITY IN THE AIR — At a Philipstown Town Board meeting on March 2, Laurie Wheelock, executive director of the Public Utility Law Project of New York, discussed Central Hudson’s error-prone billing system. Residents also contributed horror stories of missing and/or surprise charges. The board on Monday (March 6) submitted to the state Public Service Commission a resolution supporting its investigation into Central Hudson’s billing problems. (Photo by Ross Corsair)

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