Putnam Opens Veterans Court

Prioritizes treatment for former military members 

A new specialized treatment court for military veterans is now open in Putnam County, Administrative Judge Anne Minihan of the 9th Judicial District announced on Tuesday (March 21). 

Putnam County Judge Joseph Spofford will preside over the court, which will be available to veterans charged with felonies or misdemeanors who have problems with addiction, mental health or combat-related issues. 

To be eligible for the court, a veteran cannot be considered a public-safety risk and must agree to conditions, including counseling. Those who complete the program can have their charges dismissed or reduced. 

Spofford also presides over the county Drug Treatment Court.

Buffalo opened the country’s first Veterans Treatment Court in 2008 and there are now 37 in 26 counties. Beacon City Judge Greg Johnston presides over Dutchess County’s Veterans Treatment Court for misdemeanor cases, and County Judge Jessica Segal supervises veterans charged with felonies. 

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