Around Town (Updated)

DANCING FEVER — Aylin Bayaz of Spain danced the flamenco at the Howland Cultural Center in Beacon on Sept. 2. She was accompanied by guitarist Raúl Mannola for a performance called “Flamencodanza.” (Photo by Ross Corsair)

RESCUE EFFORTS — For the past few weeks, the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary has been attempting to capture a sheep near St. Luke’s Cemetery on Wolcott Avenue in Beacon (named Oracle by neighbors). It appears to have been recently shorn, with some wool still attached. The sanctuary reported on Sunday (Sept. 3) that a volunteer is trying to gain the animal’s trust so it will enter a trailer parked at the cemetery. It asked people not to feed or approach the animal. (Photos provided)

Video by Todd Haskell

Update: The farm sanctuary reported on Monday (Sept. 11) that Oracle had been loaded into the trailer and headed north. “Oracle has been alone for weeks and needs a full medical workup,” it posted on Facebook. “Animals are so stoic, especially in survival mode, so there’s no telling what care this sheep may need…. The wool on her back is matted and will need to be removed. We’ll also need to examine her hooves, but right now we’re letting Oracle decompress in her new area…. She’s confused and worried right now, but we know once she gets to know the staff and the rest of the sheep she will be right at home.” To donate for the care of Oracle and other animals at the sanctuary, see

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