NYC Marathon Finishes


Philipstown residents at the race, from left, and charities they supported: Samantha Lutzer, Carly Arnold (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center), Sheida Tabaie (Beyond Type 1), Catherine McCutchen (New York City Fire Department), Jake Haelen (National Down Syndrome Society) and Kristen Sherman (Hospital for Special Surgery) (Photo provided)

There were 51,340 runners who competed on Nov. 5 in the TCS New York City Marathon. Here are local finishers.

Steven Wengrovitz (3:44:31)
Steven Costa (4:18:37)
Stefanie Kato (4:22:48)
Nicky Federici (4:58:06)
Christine Alicea (6:35:08)
Laurie Gliboff (6:59.44)

Philipstown/Cold Spring
Kristen Sherman (4:18.50)
Emily Duncan (4:48:41)
Heather Purvis (5:05.29)

Catherine McCutchen (4:13:19)
Paul Mackey (4:19:35)
Jacob Haelen (4:22:17)
Samantha Lutzer (4:26:49)
Laura Bruno (4:27:23)
Christina Moon (5:01:20)
Carly Arnold (5:26:04)
Vanessa Washington (5:44:24)
Megan DiBartolo (5:55.28)

Putnam Valley
Kyle Christopher (5:36.59)
Gregory Schiffer (5:38.05)

Wappingers Falls
Stephen Koshansky (3:18:45)
Joseph Baffuto (4:37:38)
Philip DiNonno (4:42:25)
Melissa Mourges (5:06:22)
Elise Spiro (5:34:54)
Claudia Rodrigues (5:48:50)
Shelly Hay (6:45:45)

Sean Mcliverty (3:33:41)
Christopher Bloome (4:16:52)
Desmond Barnett (5:34:25)
Alison MacAvery (5:55:31)
Michelle Kelly (5:55:55)
Ruth Johnson (6:45:25)

Lucy Frelich

Lucy Frelich with her medal

Blake Elwood (3:28:50)
Kimberly Gaube (4:17:40)
Chrystel Flores (4:23:00)
Mary Porcaro (4:42:13)
Daniel Caruso (4:45:40)
Andrew King (4:50:03)
Lucy Freilich (4:53:59)
Angela Marriott (5:13:21)
Daniel Shin (5:34:41)
Michelle Tenzyk (5:57:55)

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