Beacon’s dummy light, said to be one of only three middle-of-an-intersection traffic lights left in the country, was hit again on Thanksgiving. The Main Street landmark has been the site of several fender-benders over the last 18 months, so the city’s Highway Department on Thursday (Nov. 30) repainted its base and striped the pavement surrounding it with bright yellow paint.

Dummy light
Photo by Valerie Shively
Dummy Light
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  1. I have lived in Beacon since birth. I never recall the dummy light as being a obstruction to traffic. Too many city move north people are changing too many things around here. Now there is a striped no traffic zone around the light. This is the tip of the iceberg of what stupid does.

  2. I grew up in Beacon and, in all those years, I don’t remember anybody hitting the dummy light. [via Facebook]

  3. Let’s stop pretending that this is a functional traffic signal. It’s a historical artifact, more like a public sculpture. Build a pavilion or move it out of the road. [via Instagram]

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