Matches state cap for 2024-25

The Garrison School administration on Wednesday (Feb. 28) proposed a $13.3 million budget for the 2024-25 academic year, representing a 4.44 percent property tax increase that matches the state cap calculated for the district.

Because the proposed increase does not exceed the cap, the budget must be approved by a simple majority of registered district voters on May 21. If the district had gone over the cap, as it did in 2022, 60 percent of voters would need to approve it.

The tax cap varies annually based on a series of factors. In 2023-24, Garrison’s cap was 3.3 percent. In 2022, it was 2.2 percent, but residents approved a 6.6 percent increase on a second vote after a request for a 9.18 increase failed.

According to administration’s budget presentation, it includes funding for:

  • Gym roof replacement: $250,000
  • Gym floor refinishing: $55,000
  • Gym sound-system upgrade: $30,000
  • New school sign: $30,000
  • Artwork installation for bare walls: $20,000
  • New field trip budget: $25,000
  • Annual climate summit: $10,000
  • Bio digester for environmental education: $15,000

Under the current state budget proposal from Gov. Kathy Hochul, Garrison would lose $234,000 in Foundation Aid because of a change to the formula used to determine how much each district receives, according to the presentation. If unchanged by the Legislature, that would represent a 40 percent reduction from 2023-24.

The school board plans to host a series of meetings before the May vote to provide more detail on the budget.

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Joey Asher is a freelance writer and former reporter for The Journal News.

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