Effort to Restore Historic `Dark Skies’ View of Mountains at Night Bogs Down in Questions

By Liz Schevtchuk Armstrong
An effort to restore 19th-century ambience to the 21st-century Cold Spring dock hit roadblocks recently as new critics raised old questions about lighting intended to reduce costs and make mountains and stars visible by night. A project led by the Hudson Highlands Land Trust (HHLT) and village government seeks to bring “dark skies” lighting to the waterfront. Advocates say the new system will not only reduce light pollution and make historic night-scapes again visible but improve maintenance and energy-usage, thereby saving money; increase security, and meet standards for fixtures that can withstand Hudson Valley winds.        But recent small-scale demonstrations failed to allay doubts about the proposed lights, a combination of yardstick-high bollards and “shepherd’s crook” streetlamps resembling those used at the Metro North train platform. “The dock is a very special place.