Voting For the 2012/13 Haldane School Budget

Dear Editor,

On May 15th, I plan to vote in support of the proposed 2012 – 2013 Haldane School Budget and I ask that our community consider doing the same. This budget is fiscally responsible: the Board of Education has managed to keep any increase of property taxes below 2%, despite rising costs and over $500,000 in reduction of state aid, with minimal disruption to education. This budget maintains Haldane’s standards of education which directly impact not just the school, but the entire community. A good school helps maintain property values and fosters a safe and economically-healthy community. Haldane’s strong reputation is a big part of what keeps many of its graduates here in Cold Spring and attracts new people to the community: people who pay local taxes, shop in our stores, eat in our restaurants and sustain local businesses year-round.

Putnam County’s New Tourism Director

To The Editor

Before my retirement one year ago I had the pleasure of working along side Valerie Hickman for 11 years as the Assitant Director of Putnam Visitors Bureau. Never have I seen anyone as dedicated to her job as Ms. Hickman and I learned quite a lot from her. After reading all the press regarding the changes that have taken place at the Visitors Bureau these past few months I had to write to express my amazement at the statements being made by the new Toursim Director and others as reported in articles in your paper and other publicity pieces. Putnam Visitors Bureau has always had a website where one could find info “just a click away”. We have published many brochures, calendars of events, pamphlets, rack cards, etc.