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  • After Storm, Governor Declares State of Emergency

    Sends 50 National Guard soldiers to Putnam Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday (Aug. 5) declared a state of emergency in 12 southeastern counties, including Putnam and Dutchess, in the wake of damage caused by Tropical Storm Isaias.

  • beet soup
    Mouths to Feed: Feeling Up-Beet

    I feel as if I’m going backward whenever I make this soup. I think, “Hang on, C — didn’t you spend five decades running away from pickled beets?” My childhood encounters with canned, pickled beets had placed this root squarely in the vegetables-I-abhor camp, an aversion I didn’t manage to overcome until I tasted roasted beets at a Manhattan bistro in my late 20s.

  • On The Spot 8.4.20
    On The Spot

    What vegetable would you not miss? "I hate peas.