Have You Been a Victim of Hate?

Hate crimes and bias incidents are a national problem, but there’s no reliable data on their nature or prevalence. While the FBI lists about 6,000 hate crimes annually, a survey by the Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that the number is closer to 250,000.

The Documenting Hate project organized in 2017 by ProPublica, an independent, nonprofit newsroom, is collecting and verifying reports, building a database of tips for use by journalists, researchers and civil-rights organizations. The Highlands Current is a member of this coalition.

According to the project, “Telling your story is important. Your contribution enables you, civil-rights groups and reporters to get a clearer picture of what’s actually happening, enabling us all to work on the problems at hand. We’ll treat your information with utmost care, and we will not share your report with the police.”

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