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Louisville, Kentucky, Description Job Summary As a critical member of Kindred Hospital Division’s Sales and Marketing Leadership Team, the Regional DVP Sales Marketing is responsible for the implementation, support, analysis, execution and training of the Kindred Hospital sales and marketing initiatives throughout their assigned region. The Regional DVP Sales Marketing will ensure the standardization of sales and marketing practices and procedures to achieve the Company’s vision, mission and goals. Provides leadership and support to the regional hospitals enabling them to meet business objectives, increase market awareness, implement strategies, create sales and marketing plans, build, expand and achieve admissions and census goals. Working with the Regional Operations team as a key team member to support and lead the sales and marketing effort that complement the Region’s initiatives. Support the Regional Marketing Team through active participation in the design, modification and implementation of sales and marketing initiatives. This position may travel 50 % to 80% of their time depending upon their region. Essential Functions Leadership Leads the region hospitals marketing/sales and leadership staff in their day-to-day marketing and sales activities. Promotes and motivates sales/marketing and other key staff in referral and admission development. Assures that the Five Marketing Metrics are met within each of their Facilities. Referrals, Conversion, Admissions, ADC, Revenue/Payor Mix Orients all new DOMs and other marketing leaders in their region to insure that the Specialty Hospital Divisions standards and expectations are implanted throughout all sales teams within the Region. Support all POP Sales Training Standards by insuring the utilization of tools and sale techniques that are a part of the training initiatives. Insure that the teams are staffed with high- level successful sales leaders and team members through the utilization of POP Interviewing Techniques. Implement Tour Protocols throughout All hospitals in their Regions. Measure and enforce the Standards Implement and enforce 123 Admit Standards throughout all of the Region’s hospitals. Measure and enforce compliance. Participates in planning and creating the regional strategic, operational, service design and other organizational plans and policies to achieve the mission and vision of the region and the individual hospitals within the region. Plans and develops departmental budgets, revenue, capital, operational expenses and a sufficient number of sales and marketing staff at each hospital within the region. Routinely reviews and revises collateral materials as needed for each hospital in the assign Region, including; brochures, web sites, yellow pages, promotional items (giveaways), etc. Develops, designs and implements the Hospital scope of services, departmental policies and procedures that guide and support the provision and integration of services according to the mission and vision of the region and the individual hospitals within the region. Directs the coordination and integration of departmental services with other departments and primary functions of the hospitals within the region. Determines the sufficient number of staff at individual hospitals within the region to provide services and defines qualifications, performance expectations and competence of each person. Manages all orientation, in-service training, continuing education, annual performance and competency reviews of department personnel to ensure staff is competent to provide services. Participates in region, hospital and departmental performance improvement activities to measure and assess the quality of services provided. Qualifications Education Bachelor’s degree in related field Master’s Degree in Business or Hospital Administration preferred Licenses/Certification None required Experience Minimum of five years’ senior sales management experience over the sales and marketing functions for multiple hospital locations (2 or more). Preferred experience in managing the sales and marketing function for hospitals located in multiple locations. Over five years of actual hands-on sales experience. Direct responsibility for leading, training and managing sales teams. Experience in leading, training and driving the referral through admissions sales process. Experienced in leading the senior management team in the development of comprehensive strategic marketing plans.


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