Local Author Frances Pergamo at Butterfield Library

First novel explores surviving the odds when love is tested

Local author Frances Pergamo will be at the Butterfield Memorial Library on Sunday, Feb. 6, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. to sign copies of her novel, The Healing. The book explores the concept of “quality of life” through the story of one family’s journey of hardship and survival. The book will be available for sale and proceeds donated to the library.
       In The Healing, Pergamo brings readers the story of Mike Donnelly, a retired New York City firefighter who is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. As his wife Karen faces the challenge of caring for her deteriorating husband and their emotionally fragile teenage daughter, she finds strength in a friend with a mysterious gift. “I wrote this book because I wanted to explore what is at the heart of a good marriage or any good relationship,” says Pergamo. “It’s a timely question in light of modern medical ethics and issues surrounding a person’s dignity.”

Francis Pergamo (Courtesy of author’s website)

       Emphasizing that true love is sacrificial and not self-seeking, The Healing addresses the notion that it is the simplicity of human connection and interaction that makes life worth living. Readers are brought to the reality of  hardship as the novel strays from the typical fairy tale ending, yet capitalizes on the power of true love and the everyday hero. “There are blockbuster books and movies out there about ordinary men who become heroes because they challenge kings,” says Pergamo. “This book’s characters are ordinary, but they are heroes because they meet the challenges of daily life. They make a life worth living.”
       Frances Pergamo resides in Cold Spring, with her husband. A preview of The Healing can be found at http://www.francespergamo.com/.

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