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  • Comment on Court Dismisses Claims by Dutchess Judge Candidate by Peter Forman November 25, 2020
    This story requires clarification. My campaign counsel filed an action in Orange County Supreme Court asking a judge to adjudicate any challenges that could be forthcoming during the course of the tabulation of absentee ballots (more than 30,000 were at issue) by the Dutchess County Board of Elections. The action was no different than more than 20 similar el […]
  • Comment on Philipstown Obituaries by Chip Rowe November 25, 2020
    In reply to Brittany Rubertone. Our obituary policy is outlined here.
  • Comment on The Most Dangerous Amusement Park in the World by Tino Yannitelli November 25, 2020
    The most awesome park ever created. Sure, it was dangerous, but it was a lot of fun. Dove of the cliff, clogged up the cannonball and got shot out and did a running start down the slip-and-slide hill. This was a real visceral place. This country needs more of this to toughen up these kids.
  • Comment on Philipstown Obituaries by Brittany Rubertone November 25, 2020
    I find it disturbing that you have the need to edit and screw up obituaries that are written by grieving families. We spend hours scrutinizing over every word to ensure it's perfect only for it to be overridden with poor grammar and bad edits.
  • Comment on A Cold Spring Romance by Courtney Giardina November 24, 2020
    In reply to Loretta Bernardez. What a wonderful place to call home! I truly hope you enjoy this story Loretta!
  • Comment on Latest Coronavirus Update by Patrick Biesemans November 24, 2020
    In reply to Robert Langley Jr.. You speak of not wanting to separate families over the national holiday, however, it's these similar cavalier attitudes toward the pandemic -- nationwide -- that have kept my wife and I from seeing our own family during these extraordinary times. Because of our nation's lack of better judgment, and short-sightedness […]
  • Comment on Latest Coronavirus Update by Staff November 24, 2020
    In reply to Sarah Smith. You can search for testing sites at this state Department of Health page.
  • Comment on A Cold Spring Romance by Loretta Bernardez November 23, 2020
    So looking forward to reading your story! I was born and raised in Cold Spring and, yes indeed, it is a magical place.
  • Comment on Ray Champlin (1931-2020) by Chrissy Basso November 23, 2020
    Mr. Champlin was one of the best teachers, by far! I’ll never forget his AP calculus class my senior year. I aced college calculus because of him! My heart goes out to Jon and the Champlin family during this sorrowful time. Sincere condolences.
  • Comment on Metro-North: Should Everyone Pay the Same? by Sean Conway November 22, 2020
    Thank you, Commissioner Zuckerman, Legislator Montgomery and Legislator Jonke for your advocacy on this proposal. Not only are commuters in Upper Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess paying higher fares, they are receiving less frequent and less reliable service compared to stations closer to Grand Central Terminal. (And let's not get started on the varying […]
  • Comment on Can the Hemp Business Survive? by Frank Wright November 22, 2020
    This is being sold as medical items and should be regulated, especially to its purity, like any meds we get from the pharmacist.
  • Comment on Ray Champlin (1931-2020) by Dan McIntyre November 22, 2020
    Mr. Champlin’s teaching and coaching had long-lasting positive influence on me. He was a great role model. I called him out of the blue about 10 years ago after no communications for over 30 years. What a wonderful conversation. He had an amazing recall of me and my brothers and sisters. There is no doubt in my mind that he cared about all his students. I wa […]
  • Comment on Ray Champlin (1931-2020) by Diane Young Christian November 22, 2020
    Mr. Champlin will be missed. He was a loving, caring man that would do anything to help us, his students. Rest in peace.
  • Comment on Ray Champlin (1931-2020) by Tara Sweet Flagler November 21, 2020
    I’m so sorry for your loss! I have fond memories of Mr C. I remember coming in late one time to math class in 10th grade and just the look made you shake in your shoes! LOL I had just gotten my license and was driving to get lunch. He was really sweet about it. God bless. You’re all in my heart and prayers always.
  • Comment on Q&A: Dr. Anthony Fauci by Fern Sartori November 21, 2020
    Are people reading this interview? There is nothing in this interview to criticize. There is nothing in this interview that even hints at divisiveness. It's basic common sense comes through by both the interviewer, Mildred Solomon, and the interviewee, Dr. Anthony Fauci. Read it. Listen to it. Wear a mask, social distance!
  • Comment on Latest Coronavirus Update by Robert Langley Jr. November 21, 2020
    On Nov. 11, Gov. Cuomo announced that effective Friday, Nov. 13, pursuant to Executive Law, the State of New York is limiting non-essential indoor gatherings at a private residence to 10 people. I am not encouraging people to have large gatherings in their homes, but rather asking everyone to use their own best judgment to remain safe. Would a gathering of e […]
  • Comment on Latest Coronavirus Update by Richard Shea November 21, 2020
    As we head into winter and the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take its toll on humanity, it is impossible to not feel an acute sense of fatigue. A year in a life holds many special moments and to miss those has an effect that cannot be denied. Recognizing this, while also acknowledging the fact that we are likely to be dealing with the current crisis for the […]
  • Comment on Latest Coronavirus Update by Sarah Smith November 20, 2020
    Thanks for the update that there are more than 300 more cases in Dutchess than there were yesterday. My husband and I just moved into the area, and I'm now worried that we have been exposed to the virus. Do you know how to find the closest coronavirus testing service?
  • Comment on Virus Surges in Dutchess, Putnam by Chip Rowe November 20, 2020
    In reply to Gene Lawless. You might get 65 cases, but everything isn’t highly contagious and potentially fatal for many people, and young people can spread the virus to the more vulnerable. The response to people dying in traffic crashes wasn’t to take anyone’s keys but to mandate precautionary measures such as seat belts, which have saved thousands of lives […]
  • Comment on Virus Surges in Dutchess, Putnam by Chip Rowe November 20, 2020
    In reply to Charles Symon. During the week of Nov. 7, there were 7,279 specimens tested in New York state for the flu, and 162 positives (2.2 percent). Nineteen people were hospitalized. Dutchess accounted for about six confirmed flu cases that week and Putnam for five. In Dutchess, there were 1,756 diagnoses of cancer in 2016 (the most recent data available […]
  • Comment on Business as Unusual by Donna Minkowitz November 20, 2020
    Thank you for the excellent issue covering the health and economic impact of the coronavirus in our area. You do outstanding local journalism and we need you.
  • Comment on Roots and Shoots: The November Garden by John Benjamin November 20, 2020
    Thank you, Pamela Doan, for asking why people seem to care so much about leaves on their lawns. Even if we ignore the environmental and health negatives of leaf blowers, the intrusion of these polluting machines into our lives is huge. The noise pollution is incessant and inescapable, even on Sundays. Do we need a local ordinance to secure some peace and qui […]
  • Comment on Putnam to Consider $45K to Study Sheriff Overtime by Pedro Rivera November 20, 2020
    Overtime means you under-hired. Gotta have more part-time deputies. [via Facebook]
  • Comment on Putnam to Consider $45K to Study Sheriff Overtime by Brett Daigle November 20, 2020
    So it’s OK to “defund the police” as long as the head of the police is a Democrat? [via Facebook]
  • Comment on Putnam to Consider $45K to Study Sheriff Overtime by Judith Lowry November 20, 2020
    Something’s wrong when the Putnam County legislators consider spending $45,000 to examine overtime for sheriff’s deputies and there is $28,000 already in the budget, in another account, to cover the overtime. The $45,000 is new money that we can ill afford at this time. There must be a better way to determine, without the expense of a consultant, how to pay […]