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  • Comment on Whom Does the Highlands Support? by Frank Haggerty August 21, 2019
    There is much useful data here -- much to learn I would think. One issue that jumps out at me is that in the concept of a one dollar-one vote system of American political and money influence, the city of Beacon, with its population of perhaps about 16,000, is clearly vastly outvoted not only by the Town of Philipstown, apparently including the village of Col […]
  • Comment on Peekskill to Receive $10 Million Grant by Patty Villanova August 21, 2019
    Thanks very much for publishing this important article. I was actually thinking of sending you a link but wasn't sure where exactly it would fit in. I'm glad someone saw the value and the connections to our towns. I had a shop in Peekskill before coming to Main Street in Cold Spring. I sat on the BID board and was very involved in the business comm […]
  • Comment on Putnam to Consider Revised Secrecy Law by Patty Villanova August 20, 2019
    You really have to wonder what exactly do they want to hide?
  • Comment on The Creative Center by Patty Villanova August 19, 2019
    Grace's beautiful shop is a wonderful creative addition to Main Street. She is very knowledgeable and friendly and is doing a great job setting up her store and her merchandise. As a fellow artist, I am always intrigued by her latest offerings. I wish her the best of luck and hope she has success in this endeavor. We are so lucky to have new shops like […]
  • Comment on Whom Does the Highlands Support? by Sara Dulaney August 19, 2019
    This is really a remarkable document. It's surprising that there seems to be so little attention to it. We are really a "blue" corner here, with some huge Philipstown generosity to liberal candidates (and $429 to make America great again). Wow.
  • Comment on Around Town (Photos) by Kim Conner August 17, 2019
    That parakeet flew a long way: We tried to catch it on East Mountain Road South on Aug. 2. So glad it survived. Well done, Liz!
  • Comment on Exit 11 is Dead. Long Live Exit 11. by Patricia Polhemus August 17, 2019
    Fix the roads instead of spending money on stupid stuff!
  • Comment on How Much Is the Pain Worth? by Kathleen Kourie August 16, 2019
    I’ve been trying to get justice for my sister. I don’t know where to turn. She lived in Mt. Kisco and was given opioids for more than 10 years by a neurologist. She died in December. I filed a complaint against the doctor with the state Department of Health in January and they are still processing. If they agree he acted incorrectly, his name will be posted […]
  • Comment on How They Voted by Phil Bayer August 16, 2019
    I am happy to see Sue Serino serving, as a woman, in government. Unfortunately, in reviewing her recent voting record in the state Senate, I ponder whether she is capable of thinking for herself or needs to follow a list of marching orders from party honchos. Serino voted against a number of items that passed in the Senate and Assembly. Among these votes was […]
  • Comment on An Electric Response by Charles Davenport August 16, 2019
    A 635-megawatt plant in Rensselaer filed for bankruptcy in May, and a 1,000-megawatt plant in Athens filed in June. Both plants burn natural gas. In December 2017, the organization that oversees the electric grid, the New York Independent System Operator, said the state only needed 600 additional megawatts of generating capacity by 2027, even with the closin […]
  • Comment on Living on the Edge, Part 1 by Emily Boone August 16, 2019
    I am not surprised at all to read that so many people in Beacon are struggling. I took a 50 percent pay cut moving from the city to Dutchess, with the same job title, and our living expenses have gone up. A recent study showed younger workers in the Hudson Valley are seeing wages stagnate while locally employed boomer incomes are on the rise. This is deeply […]
  • Comment on Living on the Edge, Part 2 by Tom Cerchiara August 16, 2019
    There is still a huge need for office space in Beacon. I just moved my 12-person company from Beacon to Fishkill, by the I-84 diner, for a third of the rent I was being offered in Beacon.
  • Comment on Are Food Trucks Unfair Competition? by Kamel Jamal August 16, 2019
    I’m not in Cold Spring doing business any longer, but it would be a mistake to allow food trucks to operate in town. Brick-and-mortar shops don’t leave town when it rains and pay local taxes to the village directly or through their rent. Jamal is the former owner of Angelina’s.
  • Comment on Letter: Pantry Rules by Dawn Baisley August 16, 2019
    This letter was a good read. I worked in a homeless shelter and people would donate clothing that was torn and stained and say it was better than nothing. A good rule for donating is, “Would you give this item to your best friend?” [via Facebook]
  • Comment on Putnam Passes Resolution Opposing ‘Green Light’ Law by Morgan Flaherty August 16, 2019
    Good for the county Legislature! Most people tend to forget that Putnam is still a red county, not blue. Let’s hope it stays that way. [via Facebook]
  • Comment on Putnam Passes Resolution Opposing ‘Green Light’ Law by Melissa Aase August 16, 2019
    What a waste of county business time and what a deep, deep shame for our county. This resolution does not represent the values of all county residents. [via Facebook]
  • Comment on Putnam Passes Resolution Opposing ‘Green Light’ Law by Donna Adams August 16, 2019
    An international driver’s license is all that is needed. The law is such a waste of time and money. [via Facebook]
  • Comment on Putnam Passes Resolution Opposing ‘Green Light’ Law by Tom Sherilla August 16, 2019
    The state Green Light Law, which allows illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses, only encourages illegal immigration. New York State is also pushing bills that will allow illegal immigrants to vote. If you think driver’s licenses are to help the illegals, think again. It’s about votes. You want people who don’t pay taxes deciding your future? [via Facebo […]
  • Comment on Letter: Creating Meadows by Geraldine Fuller August 16, 2019
    Rewilding was tried on the meridian in Fishkill several years ago and ended up as weeds and trash. Nobody took responsibility for maintaining it. [via Facebook]
  • Comment on Letter: Creating Meadows by Eileen Reilly August 16, 2019
    As I left the Putnam County DMV in Brewster, I noticed peach trees beside the building. They are part of a wonderful pollinator garden of native plants, complete with small hives, bees of all types and monarch butterflies. [via Facebook]
  • Comment on Philipstown May Sue Over Secrecy Law by Ralph Falloon August 16, 2019
    Although I find the law ridiculous at best, I can’t support spending town tax money to sue the county, which would be using tax money to defend the suit. Once again, taxpayers lose!
  • Comment on Putnam Names Tourism Director by Patty Villanova August 13, 2019
    It's very disheartening to see that apparently, there are only two people who care that the taxpayer-funded tourism agency is still not even remotely up and running. I see hundreds of congratulatory messages for Ms. Walsh on Facebook but nothing promoting tourism. The website is still down too. From what I can see, Putnam tourism has been de-platformed […]
  • Comment on Philipstown May Sue Over Secrecy Law by Donald MacDonald August 12, 2019
    Good! I wish we could secede and create a new county out if the western portion of what is now Putnam County. There’s nothing that Putnam county does for us now that we could not do for ourselves only better and more in line with our area's interests.
  • Comment on Philipstown May Sue Over Secrecy Law by Ann Fanizzi August 12, 2019
    The episode reported in the article re: Legislator Montgomery and her violation of the so-called Disclosure Law by disclosing "confidential" material, is reason enough to challenge the broad interpretation of what constitutes "confidential" material. This is the stuff of failed states not of mature democracies.
  • Comment on Q: What is Going on With the Indian Brook Bridge? by Julia Famularo August 11, 2019
    Thanks, Mike. Good to know that we need to plan for extra time or a detour only until about October!