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  • Comment on Nelsonville Approves Cell-Tower Settlement by Bill O'Neill January 27, 2020
    The recent settlement by the Nelsonville Board to allow the cell tower to be built on Rockledge Road permits the telecommunications companies to add 5G antennae to the tower without village approval. Any future amendment to the village code addressing 5G installation cannot be applied retroactively. Responsible scientists have raised very serious concerns ab […]
  • Comment on Whistling Willie’s Closes Its Doors by Christine Mirando January 26, 2020
    We love this place! I’m so sad that you closed! Good luck in your future!
  • Comment on Clothing Store, Cafe Coming to Cold Spring by Patty Villanova January 25, 2020
    Good luck, best wishes. Hope that whoever opens this establishment has lots of money as a back up. Main Street is no longer the Boulevard of Dreams that it used to be. Thank you Amazon and all the other online venues that are putting brick-and-mortar stores out of business.
  • Comment on Beacon’s Greenhouse-Gas Emissions Fall 25 Percent by Ralph Fleming January 25, 2020
    Based on the timing, I would have thought Randy Casale would have been asked to comment, as all of this happened under his watch as the mayor of Beacon!
  • Comment on Nelsonville Approves Cell-Tower Settlement by Kelly House January 24, 2020
    I've heard repeatedly that this tower will enhance emergency-call response time because the calls will no longer be bounced around, but I thought Putnam County was buying a new system to address the issue. Can someone explain why the 'new' tower is being touted as the remedy to the delayed response times if the new system will fix it?
  • Comment on A New Bride’s View of Cold Spring, 1906-1909 by Site Editor January 24, 2020
    As Robert Polastre noted online, the road, now gone, went from Lake Surprise Road all the way to Route 9D and is roughly the present hiking trail. In In the 1891 map below, provided by the Putnam History Museum, the "road" (now a trail) taken by Georgianna is shown in pink passing to the south of Lake Surprise before continuing along Breakneck Broo […]
  • Comment on A New Bride’s View of Cold Spring, 1906-1909 by Melanie Longpre January 24, 2020
    I love the cheeriness of Georgianna's diary entries and her resentment toward her husband for not taking her to a dance! She mentioned a drive to Lake Surprise and then down a steep hill to Breakneck. I wonder if that’s the old road from Route 9 up to the Cornish Estate and on to Lake Surprise. Does anyone have an old map or remember old-timers talking […]
  • Comment on Beacon Wins Battle of the Tunnel in a Thriller by Janet Goodman January 24, 2020
    I happened to be at the Yankee Clipper this morning (Jan. 21) when the Beacon boys’ basketball squad came in for a team breakfast. What a great bunch of kids and great coaches. Lovely to see them! [via Facebook]
  • Comment on ZBA Rules Against Rock-Crushing Firm by José Roméu and Sidney Babcock January 24, 2020
    As Garrison residents for 39 years, we felt it our duty to alert our neighbors to the flouting of clear zoning regulations relating to a home on Route 9D. The code states that with the expansion of a previous non-conforming structure, a special permit must be granted by the Zoning Board of Appeals. It also states that the expansion cannot exceed the previous […]
  • Comment on Putnam Sheriff Releases Three Defendants Under Bail Law by Laurie Dick January 24, 2020
    State Sen. Sue Serino is correct when she acknowledges that the veritable end to cash bail in New Jersey has not jeopardized public safety. A report put out this year by the New Jersey courts shows that bail reform has not led to an increase in recidivism or a decrease in court appearances, despite requiring that judges use release as the default in all case […]
  • Comment on A New Bride’s View of Cold Spring, 1906-1909 by Brian McNicholl January 24, 2020
    Wonderful! It's interesting to get a sense of the pace of life -- and the priorities of the average person -- in an earlier time. Can you imagine this area at the turn of the last century? It must've been especially beautiful. Thank you for sharing this!
  • Comment on Feeling the Heat by Leonard Lindros Jr. January 23, 2020
    Just wait a few decades and you will see another downward trend towards colder. At my age of 81 I most likely will not see it, but it will happen. There is no doubt that the upward trend has been obviously higher during my tenure on earth. However, if we humans were actually causing this, the temperatures would have been far higher than they are. Of course, […]
  • Comment on Family Trails: Finding Thomas by Rena Corey January 23, 2020
    I found this Message Board relating to the Galloways of Ontario, Canada.The New York Galloways, including Thomas, are mentioned. Perhaps this is another lead (or not!)
  • Comment on Lawsuit: Inmates Punished Unjustly by Sandra Timmons January 23, 2020
    I agree with you Preline Muteswa. This is unjust and I pray that they stop the foolishness because we just want be able to spend time with our loved ones during these times because they need us the most. I called Albany as well with my situation but one thing you gotta know is never give up you gotta keep going you gotta make them hear your voice. I myself g […]
  • Comment on Lawsuit: Inmates Punished Unjustly by Prelline Muteswa January 22, 2020
    That’s not right. We depend on the system when our loved ones are locked up, but giving false results with their machines is not good. This also happened in Auburn when I went to visit my loved one. All 11 of us who came on the van were told that we tested positive for cocaine. I argued with the officers and told them to do it again but they refused and told […]
  • Comment on 1,115 Acres by Site Editor January 22, 2020
    Thanks. This has been corrected in story.
  • Comment on 1,115 Acres by Madeleine DeNitto January 22, 2020
    The trail near the Garrison Institute should be Marcia's Mile, rather than Marsh's Mile. It's named after Marcia Favrot. I used to live right on the Benedict Arnold Trail next door to the institute and walked Marcia's Mile frequently.
  • Comment on 1,115 Acres by Site Editor January 22, 2020
    Do you mean the 945 acres at Scofield Ridge and 20 acres at Glenclyffe?
  • Comment on 1,115 Acres by Steve Petkus January 21, 2020
    I second the previous commenter’s request for access to the full maps, if they are available. And thanks.
  • Comment on 1,115 Acres by Deirdre Langeland January 21, 2020
    The one piece of information that could really be illuminating here -- the map of the affected lands -- has been cropped, screened back and written over. Might we see it?
  • Comment on A New Bride’s View of Cold Spring, 1906-1909 by Rena Corey January 21, 2020
    Thank you for this delightful article.
  • Comment on ZBA Rules Against Rock-Crushing Firm by Jeffrey Phillips January 19, 2020
    In regard to the "rock crushing" on Route 9, if you go back and listen to the attorney for RNV, you'll hear him try to establish that construction debris were also part of their plea. Now, they will try to build their "state-of-the-art" processing facility of 30,000 square feet. But understand, this is probably nothing more than a tr […]
  • Comment on Murky Waters in Cold Spring by Site Editor January 19, 2020
    To clarify: Miller said that if the Legislature shared 10 percent with the county's nine legislative districts, the equal share for District 1 (which includes Cold Spring and Philipstown) would be $44,444.
  • Comment on Murky Waters in Cold Spring by Michael Armstrong January 18, 2020
    Regarding Lynn Miller's comment on the sharing of the county's surplus sales tax revenue, 10 percent of a $4 million surplus would be $400,000. I assume the difference may be accounted for by defining the "we" in Lynn's comment as being the fraction Cold Spring (or Philipstown?) would receive. It's not clear, though. Residents t […]
  • Comment on Drinking-Water Wells Still Under Repair in Beacon by Ralph Pettorossi January 18, 2020
    Not only has new development projects in Fishkill and East Fishkill that tap into the aquifers that feed those wells continue to be approved, many of the new building is right above the aquifers. How long before 1) there's insufficient water to draw, and 2) the water itself is polluted?