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  • Comment on Shea, Leonard Will Leave Philipstown Board by Steve Sterling March 6, 2021
    Like many other members of our community, I just got comfortable with the idea that Richard Shea would be the town supervisor forever. I have never been able to be as involved as I would like due to work and family so it was always clear to me how much time and sacrifice he and all of the board members -- and their families -- made. I didn't always agre […]
  • Comment on Letters: Shakespeare Plans by Richard Shea March 5, 2021
    The sky is not falling. Philipstown is known throughout the Hudson Valley as a place that takes planning very seriously. I have been an elected official and steward of the town for 20 years. During that time, I have seen many proposals for projects, some good and others that were doomed to fail. The proposal put forth for the Garrison golf course has the pot […]
  • Comment on Putnam Says Sheriff Not Cooperating with Review by Richard Shea March 5, 2021
    The Legislature needs to stop attacking the sheriff and start supporting him. Anyone who knows Robert Langley knows that he is a decent man and competent sheriff who cares deeply about the safety and well-being of the residents of Putnam. For Legislators Ginny Nacerino and Neal Sullivan to berate the sheriff because he follows the law is wrong. Again, in an […]
  • Comment on Drug World COVID-19 Update by Richard Shea March 5, 2021
    To clarify: Neither the county nor the towns have any role in how pharmacies operate. I do find it disturbing that a candidate for sheriff and Vinny Tamagna, a paid county employee, have inserted themselves into this process. It appears that in an election year, no tactics are too low. I do have to wonder why Mr. Tamagna is free to wander around at vaccine s […]
  • Comment on Latest COVID-19 Vaccine Updates by Richard Shea March 5, 2021
    Putnam County and all its elected officials are aware of all the issues. There is a weekly county call that all local officials are invited to. Questions are answered and information is provided and passed on to the public. The Putnam County Health Department, and especially the public health nurses, are doing a first-rate job. The vaccine pods throughout th […]
  • Comment on The Vaccinated Hope and Wait by Leonard Sparks March 5, 2021
    In reply to Alana Sweeny. Yes, according to the state. For example, if Dutchess residents receive the vaccine in Orange, they are included only in the Dutchess numbers.
  • Comment on Cold Spring and Nelsonville Fine-Tune Airbnb Rules by Jeff West March 5, 2021
    In reply to Travis Fyfe. Agreed. Apparently The Current is taking its cues from “respectable” tabloids like The New York Times and Washington Post when it comes to reporting. I guess they figure if the agenda-driven Pulitzer Prize-winners running those formerly great newspapers can get away with it, why can’t we? [via Facebook]
  • Comment on Cold Spring and Nelsonville Fine-Tune Airbnb Rules by Travis Fyfe March 5, 2021
    Turton writes that “the general consensus” at a September 2019 meeting in Cold Spring on the regulation of short-term rentals had been to “allow them, with restrictions.” Wow. Maybe I am nostalgic, but I wish The Current would bring back fact-based reporting on important issues versus articles where reporters are allowed to make broad and sweeping assertions […]
  • Comment on Walking to Boscobel by Josh Parker March 5, 2021
    The plan for a path to Boscobel sounds interesting, but aren’t its trails closed to the public or accessible only with an admission fee? [via Facebook]
  • Comment on Letters: Shakespeare Plans by Eric Erickson March 5, 2021
    It’s an excellent idea but, as someone who lives half a mile away from the site, I think the traffic impact on Route 9 is problematic. When the weather is good and the economy is good, which it will be eventually, the highway is a dangerous race-track during the evening commute — just when the theater guests would be arriving. Also, the property tax impact, […]
  • Comment on Letters: Shakespeare Plans by Cali Gorevic March 5, 2021
    The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival plans to move and expand present an enormous impact on Philipstown (“Putnam Legislators Applaud HVSF Plans,” Feb. 19). Why would such a significant change not require some kind of referendum of the citizens of Philipstown?
  • Comment on Two More Candidates in Nelsonville by Heidi Wendel March 5, 2021
    In reply to Eliza Nagel. I am 100 percent opposed to a cell tower over the Cold Spring Cemetery, feel enormous sympathy for the residents who would be most directly affected by it and am heartbroken about the trees that would be cut down and the bats that might be impacted. But, in my view as a litigator with decades of experience, it is a mistake to say tha […]
  • Comment on Something You Don’t Know About Me: Jennifer Sarah Blakeslee by Susan Sabo March 5, 2021
    Caring for the smallest creatures is just as important as caring for the largest. Thank goodness there are people like the Blakeslees to love snails and turtles.
  • Comment on The Vaccinated Hope and Wait by Alana Sweeny March 5, 2021
    Are people leaving their home county for vaccinations included in the percentage of that county’s residents who have received shots?
  • Comment on The Vaccinated Hope and Wait by Nannette Lipinski March 5, 2021
    I believe in science, the experts, facts and the power of vaccines. Thus I will be getting vaccinated in March. It took me three days and nights of constant vigilance, but I finally got an appointment.
  • Comment on The Vaccinated Hope and Wait by Ryan Biracree March 5, 2021
    More and more research continues to be released confirming that the rate at which vaccinated individuals may spread the virus is dramatically reduced, in addition to providing them protection. This is what scientists assumed would happen, but it couldn’t be confirmed without more testing.
  • Comment on The Vaccinated Hope and Wait by Debbie Brennen March 5, 2021
    Research suggests that the vaccine is most effective from two weeks to three months after the second dose. So perhaps I can hug my parents sooner than I thought!
  • Comment on The Vaccinated Hope and Wait by Stephanie Hepburn March 5, 2021
    Want a vaccine? Call 833-697-4829, the state appointment hotline, every free moment you have until you get an appointment. People cancel their appointments constantly because they’re ill, they got a shot already, they have to change times, etc. Twelve of my relatives and I all got appointments. It took me four calls one afternoon, and others two days. Don’t […]
  • Comment on The Vaccinated Hope and Wait by Alison Insinger March 5, 2021
    About 1.2 million of the 3.2 million people age 65 and over have received the vaccine, so stop with the freaking hype. Those are lousy numbers. What do you think we unvaccinated are doing, besides hoping and waiting? [via Facebook]
  • Comment on Sheriff Arrests Beacon Man for Dumping by Michael Leonard March 2, 2021
    I would like to commend the resident for taking such a proactive step that followed that sound advice that if you see something wrong you report it to police. We have had a rash of these litterings on this particular road for the last few years. These types of incidents are so hard to catch in the act so it really takes all of us looking out for each other. […]
  • Comment on Letter: Committee Assignments by Donna Anderson March 1, 2021
    In reply to Anthony Merante. For anyone to even suggest the Philipstown senior center is useless, you’d better know what you’re talking about. Even with this terrible pandemic, our senior center is a busy place. It furnishes 45 meals per day and offers a one-week supply of frozen meals to shut-ins. It staff does comfort calls and provides transportation to a […]
  • Comment on Putnam Says Sheriff Not Cooperating with Review by James Carmody March 1, 2021
    In reply to Ann Fanizzi. I fully agree! Nacerino lies when she says that County Executive Odell had no onus -- in fact, the governor's order is very clear that the chief executive of each municipality must have led the reform panel. She has failed us, and her legislature is now falsely blaming the sheriff for her failures. In fact, the lawmakers' s […]
  • Comment on Nelsonville’s New Restaurant by Giacomo Servetti February 28, 2021
    The opening of this restaurant is exciting, it's great news for the area. Mr. Sandoval is a very talented chef, the food that my wife and I have enjoyed from Octavio’s Food Wagon was always outstanding.
  • Comment on Reporter’s Notebook: We All Could Have Died by J Carlos Salcedo February 28, 2021
    This story went far and wide, reading the account of my "fall from the elevator shaft," a friend from the old country in the Andes mountains where all this happened, saw the post in Bolivia and wrote to say "the party was held in my apartment at the unfinished Oruro building. It was a miracle you landed on top of soft corrugated iron plates on […]
  • Comment on Metro-North To ‘Abandon’ Beacon Line by Yvonne Caruthers February 28, 2021
    How can we get involved? Is there contact info for anyone mentioned in the article?