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  • Comment on Merandy Endorses Tamagna for Cold Spring Mayor by Thomas Quinn October 27, 2021
    In reply to Norah Hart. Merandy obviously lost favor with voters and was going to lose, so Kathleen did the right thing and stepped up to work for us, the residents of Cold Spring. Merandy's only interest at this point is doing what's best for his bruised ego, not what's best for his neighbors in Cold Spring. By his own admission in The Curren […]
  • Comment on Merandy Endorses Tamagna for Cold Spring Mayor by Dave Merandy October 26, 2021
    Certainly, I am not enraged because my term as mayor is nearly over, but I am very sad and troubled to have been betrayed and now attacked by people I once considered friends. I knew Foley would call on her supporters to submit letters and come to her defense after my ad was printed, but I never expected Town Councilman John Van Tassel -– a former colleague […]
  • Comment on Merandy Endorses Tamagna for Cold Spring Mayor by Anita Peltonen October 26, 2021
    In reply to Rian Keating. Thank you, Rian. Why support someone so bad for taxpayers? Mayor Merandy, who hung up his candidate’s hat in July, now decides to paint himself a victim of conspiracies. What conspiracies? And at the 11th hour, he throws support behind Vinny Tamagna. This seems an act of petty revenge for Merandy’s being challenged. In doing so, Mer […]
  • Comment on Merandy Endorses Tamagna for Cold Spring Mayor by John Van Tassel October 26, 2021
    I am disappointed, but not surprised, with Mayor Dave Merandy’s spite-filled endorsement of Vinny Tamagna to follow him as mayor of Cold Spring. I know firsthand what Dave thinks of Vinny Tamagna. During Dave’s short tenure with us as a member of the Town Board, I recall a meeting where Dave’s treatment of Tamagna, who is the Putnam County transportation dir […]
  • Comment on Challenger Accuses Sheriff of Misconduct by Ann Fanizzi October 26, 2021
    A more relevant comparison is not one with Watergate but the Trump Ukrainian call which for weeks brought the moralistic ire of Democrats and the media front and center. Nothing there and nothing here, Mr. McConville and supporters.
  • Comment on Challenger Accuses Sheriff of Misconduct by Thomas Quinn October 26, 2021
    The whole exchange says way more about McConville than it does about Langley. Republicans playing games because they can't attack Langley on his record. Sad.
  • Comment on Questions for Candidates: Philipstown Town Board by Irene Pieza October 26, 2021
    Thank you to everyone running for public office. It’s easy to complain and blame, much harder to actually do.
  • Comment on Challenger Accuses Sheriff of Misconduct by Irene Pieza October 26, 2021
    I’m a registered independent. I have always gravitated to pragmatic mix-and-match policy planning (political, school board, work rules, etc). Why is the sheriff’s office a political party identity? In 2017, Sheriff Don Smith was voted out not because there was some “liberal takeover” of Putnam, but rather the expensive result of his “scandal.” And yet, a day […]
  • Comment on Merandy Endorses Tamagna for Cold Spring Mayor by Rich Franco October 25, 2021
    I have been very happy with the performance of our current mayor and council and I thank them sincerely for their service. But I am disappointed that they may have left a terrible legacy that the village will have to live with for many years. With his cross-party endorsement, the mayor may help to elect someone who clearly does not share his values or those […]
  • Comment on Merandy Endorses Tamagna for Cold Spring Mayor by Cindy Cohen October 25, 2021
    I was approached to sign Dave Merandy’s petition but I chose to decline due to the misogyny and disrespectful behavior I witnessed at Village Board meetings. I look forward to voting for Foley, Tweeps and Eliza, who are highly qualified, dedicated, connected to the community, and who treat others with respect. [via Facebook]
  • Comment on Hudson Highlands Reserve Revived by Bettina Utz October 25, 2021
    East Mountain Road North cannot absorb additional traffic caused by vehicles from the proposed 25 luxury homes, their guests, caretakers, housekeepers and years of construction. It is a narrow road and a school bus route. The intersection with Route 9 -- in a 55mph zone -- has already become increasingly busy and dangerous. Turns in and out of Route 9 result […]
  • Comment on Notes from the Cold Spring Village Board by Nanci Sobier-Maier October 25, 2021
    Today I said farewell to my last guests, a couple from North Carolina visiting their freshman son, a cadet at West Point. I want to publicly announce that I will not be hosting any more Airbnb or other short-term rental guests. As a senior, born and raised, and with roots to the Philipstown founder Thomas Davenport, I wish to say I feel forced into this deci […]
  • Comment on Merandy Endorses Tamagna for Cold Spring Mayor by Ethan Timm October 25, 2021
    Just as it is any human's right to sign a petition of their choosing, it is any human's right to carry and solicit the signing of any petition of their choosing. I think it would be an even better practice for advocates of democracy to carry all viable petitions prior to an election and have each individual be able to decide which petition they mig […]
  • Comment on Nelsonville Moves Toward ‘Opting Out’ of Cannabis Law by Fawn Sartori October 25, 2021
    It's your choice: mind-altering drugs or mental health?
  • Comment on Merandy Endorses Tamagna for Cold Spring Mayor by Carolyn Bachan October 25, 2021
    The practice of carrying petitions for more than one candidate for the same position (where there would be only one vacancy) is highly irregular. For Foley to claim that she only decided to run for mayor at the end of the canvass is laughable on its face because the petition to put her on the ballot was for mayor, not some other post. The petition carriers w […]
  • Comment on Philipstown Planning Board Updates by Cassandra Traina October 25, 2021
    The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival was an integral part of my childhood in Cold Spring. As a child, seeing a play under the stars was a dreamy experience filled with possibilities. Growing up, HVSF provided me with more possibilities as a staff member. During my five years with the nonprofit theater, I watched a vision for both the theater and the commun […]
  • Comment on Merandy Endorses Tamagna for Cold Spring Mayor by Hilary Hart October 24, 2021
    I was astonished to read that Dave Merandy hopes for a balanced trustee board after the upcoming election. Thanks to Zoom, I have been able to attend more than 20 Village Board meetings in the past 18 months. I have witnessed at least a half a dozen times when Dave Merandy acted angrily, irrationally and unprofessionally. He reacts to any valid questions (qu […]
  • Comment on Merandy Endorses Tamagna for Cold Spring Mayor by Ann McBride-Alayon October 24, 2021
    It's a shame Mayor Merandy can't take responsibility for his nasty demeanor and foul language over the past couple of years. Yes, I would have begrudgingly voted for him as the lesser of two evils, but I would not have been happy about it. Mayor Merandy left the village in serious jeopardy and he has only himself and his bad attitude to blame. I am […]
  • Comment on Challenger Accuses Sheriff of Misconduct by Ann Fanizzi October 24, 2021
    After two unsuccessful tries for the office of sheriff [in 2009 as a Democrat and 2013 as a Republican], McConville lifted his finger and the party vane twirled expediently: Republican. Will the real McConville please stand up?
  • Comment on Merandy Endorses Tamagna for Cold Spring Mayor by Norah Hart October 23, 2021
    Everyone is entitled to their own facts, as we know, but Kathleen Foley admits: "I kept my commitment and got Dave the signatures he needed to be on the ballot. Only then did I inform the volunteers of my decision to run as a third candidate." "Only then" was while campaigning for Merandy. Ouch. There is no getting around it. Foley also a […]
  • Comment on Reporters’ Notebook: The Art of Experience by Rena Corey October 23, 2021
    Michael Turton was right the first time. The performance art was indeed “dumb.” It’s Michael’s writing that’s real art!
  • Comment on Election Q&A: Sheriff Robert Langley Jr. by Chip Rowe October 23, 2021
    In reply to Maggie Ploener. On Saturday (Oct. 23), the McConville campaign responded: "The McConville4Sheriff Campaign has had numerous signs damaged, destroyed, removed and rearranged. As we have said previously, we ask those responsible to stop. Let the voters see the campaign signage and vote."
  • Comment on Election Q&A: Sheriff Robert Langley Jr. by Maggie Ploener October 23, 2021
    In reply to John Plummer. I also found two McConville signs sandwiching a Langley sign on Secor. And Langley signs thrown in the brush on Bryant Pond and Peekskill Hollow Road. I fixed them, all except one on Wiccopee Road and Oscawana Heights Road in Putnam Valley that was too far down in a ditch.
  • Comment on Clergy Statement on Climate Change by James Carmody October 23, 2021
    Yeah, and don't forget Climate Smart Philipstown, either! (It'll be blessed if some earth scientists can tell us, plainly, how deadly climate change is becoming.)
  • Comment on Letter: Test-taking by James Carmody October 23, 2021
    Very good points. Some bright students are held up by the standard ways of testing their learning and ability. Thank you, Jill, for reminding us that colleges can and are willing to see student aptitude in other ways.