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  • Comment on How They Voted on Vaccinations, Rent Control by Mary Cronin June 23, 2019
    Driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants became a law to improve public safety. When California instituted a similar law a few years ago, the number of hit and runs dropped 10 percent in the first year. Connecticut has seen a similar result. All New Yorkers deserve safer roads. I thank the state Senate and Assembly -- specifically, Senators Carlucc […]
  • Comment on The Persistent Preservationist by Ginny Buechele June 23, 2019
    Great story, Mike. It was a labor of love for me. See Tales of One River, Two Counties.
  • Comment on A ‘Do-Over’ at West End Lofts by Joe Green June 22, 2019
    I would really like to see John Clarke and Randy go away. While I don't mind density I would like to see it done a little more slowly so we can avoid these oversized buildings. Thanks to John Clarke and Randy's leadership we now have balconies hanging over the sidewalks. Say goodbye to the sun in that area and when balconies get old they all have i […]
  • Comment on How They Voted on Vaccinations, Rent Control by Rob Abbot June 22, 2019
    I am glad to see New York reinstitute the policy of licensing all residents who drive in the state. By allowing immigrants to obtain a drivers license, the state will be able to make sure all drivers on New York's streets and highways are properly trained and insured. There are many public policies explicitly designed to identify people who have oversta […]
  • Comment on Judge Reitz Dies at 57 (Updated) by Michael Turton June 22, 2019
    I attended the "drug court" that Judge Reitz presided over five or six times, as part of The Current's series on opioid addiction. He could not have been more cooperative. He always had me stand up in court to explain why I was there; he, better than anyone, knew the importance of informing the public of the seriousness and extent of the disea […]
  • Comment on A ‘Do-Over’ at West End Lofts by Monica Maher June 22, 2019
    I am also hoping that the developers plan to do landscaping, including trees, in front of these buildings, as the renderings show. When asked at the open house about this, the answers were not very clear. Trees would certainly help provide a little more privacy, both to the tenants and to the neighbors.
  • Comment on A ‘Do-Over’ at West End Lofts by Arthur Camins June 21, 2019
    I am pleased that the Beacon's Planning Board is holding the developer accountable for their representations in the renderings that were approved. Window trim may seem like a small matter but details can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of a building. This will make these buildings -- which make a much needed contribution to affordability -- […]
  • Comment on New Nelsonville Mayor Says He Will Resign by Pam Donato-Hustis June 21, 2019
    I agree with Mr. Robertson. If this was premeditated, it was irresponsible and negligent to run, especially considering the platform on which he stood. The mature, responsible and ethical decision would have been to back out of the race, knowing full well the path his personal life was headed. We’re a small hamlet, but we still deserve professional and exper […]
  • Comment on Gags! Grimaces! Guffaws! by Jo Pitkin June 19, 2019
    Thanks to Deb for unearthing this jewel that's been sparkling at the Butterfield Memorial Library for the past 11 years, and thanks to Luanne and Cary for presenting it! If you haven't been to the series before, be sure to mark the next showing on your calendar.
  • Comment on Milk, Bread, Eggs … and a Charge? by Tom Cerchiara June 19, 2019
    I am excited to see Cold Spring considering adding EV charge stations but I hope that they do not make the same mistake that Dutchess County did. Not all EV chargers are created equal. The chargers at the Beacon DMV are called SAE J1772 chargers and charge a little faster than your dryer outlet. They are accepted by the most cars but are slow. To charge a Te […]
  • Comment on Judge Reitz Dies at 57 (Updated) by John Cronin June 18, 2019
    I have met many justices during my career. Judge Reitz was particularly memorable, but it had nothing to do with my work. I was jury foreman in a case over which he presided. It was a money dispute amongst parties, but before the proceedings began he came to the jury room and spoke passionately about the importance of our service to the justice system. The c […]
  • Comment on Letters: Conservation Subdivision by Rory Stark June 18, 2019
    Forty horses for 11 acres seems unfair to the horses. 0.275 of an acre per horse is not safe for horses or people. The runoff will not be good for the ecosystem. How big of a septic system would be need if these were people? Simple math. See Daily manure and waste production from a typical 1,000-pound […]
  • Comment on Crossed Wires by Melissa Everett June 17, 2019
    Thank you for this clear and helpful coverage. People should be pushing to understand CCA and any other new approach to energy supply - so it's a good thing that the Hudson Valley Community Power people are so accessible and professional. As for the alarming postcards -- why were they anonymous, and why did they single out Council members up for primary […]
  • Comment on Beacon Police Blotter by Roberto Castro June 16, 2019
    I love Beacon. Sad. God bless the police.
  • Comment on Ward 4 Candidates: What I Will Do by Site Editor June 15, 2019
    You're correct. I have updated the article to make that clear and we will run a clarification in print next week. Because New York State allows candidates to appear on multiple party lines, Ellenwood will be on the Independence Party line in November and Aymar-Blair will be on the Working Families Party line, regardless of who wins the Democratic line. […]
  • Comment on Play Ball (For Now)! by Charles Symon June 15, 2019
    The 21 acres north of Dutchess Stadium owned by the Beacon City School District should not be sold. It would cost the district nothing to keep it and, if someday an additional elementary school is required, the district would have the land. Land is an important and limited commodity. Even if the district sells the land, the district is restricted on how the […]
  • Comment on Judge Reitz Dies at 57 (Updated) by Donna Anderson June 15, 2019
    Such a sad day for Putnam County. I knew Jim Reitz and he was a beautiful human being. He loved giving second chances in his court and it worked. He loved his family and was a doting grandfather. He will be sorely missed.
  • Comment on Ward 4 Candidates: What I Will Do by Joan Unterweger June 15, 2019
    You reported in April that if Dan Aymar-Blair wins the primary, he will still be opposed by Kelly Ellenwood in November because she will be running on the Independence line then.
  • Comment on 5 Questions: Pete Skorewicz by Charlie Kelly June 14, 2019
    Thank you, Pete Skorewicz, for helping to bring city government closer to the people by videotaping its public meetings. Your service to the community has been extraordinary.
  • Comment on Music Man by Leo Sacks June 14, 2019
    Thanks to Michael Turton for his lyrical profile of producer and musician Al Hemberger. The journalist Hunter S. Thompson famously said that the music industry “is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.” Al is that rare breed in the business: an arti […]
  • Comment on Beacon Launches Photo IDs by Gregg Zuman June 10, 2019
    How will The Current and others refer to illegal aliens in possession of documentation such as a municipal photo ID issued by Beacon? With documentation, such people can not reasonably be referred to anymore as "undocumented immigrants" by The Current and others. P.S. Print my first and last name as they are documented by me, if it pleases you. […]
  • Comment on Ballot Set in Cold Spring by Donna Anderson June 8, 2019
    Chuck is a good guy and will serve the village well. I will promote Chuck with the seniors, many of whom live in the village.
  • Comment on Handshakes: The Good, the Bad and the Clammy by Dan Hughes June 7, 2019
    There is nothing -- and I mean nothing -- worse then the “dead fish” handshake!
  • Comment on Ballot Set in Cold Spring by Charles Hustis June 7, 2019
    For the record, I finished out my term of office on March 31, 2014. I left office to focus on personal priorities and now am reinvigorated to help the village.
  • Comment on Handshakes: The Good, the Bad and the Clammy by Tom Campanile June 7, 2019
    Spot on guidance. My great-uncle was a borderline “crusher,” but he made it a point when I was a kid to teach me how to shake hands properly. Important life lesson that has served me well. Great article, Mike. Thank you.