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  • Comment on Letter: Bridge Bottleneck by Frank Haggerty February 15, 2019
    I think there is a far bigger issue here: chronic underinvestment over so many decades in the transportation infrastructure in and along I-84 corridor, and most glaringly at and near the Beacon-Newburgh bridge. This bridge, even as it was built decades after the one to immediate the north (the Mid Hudson), and to immediate the south (the Bear Mountain), is n […]
  • Comment on Letter: Bridge Bottleneck by Gabe Berlin February 14, 2019
    I would like to second the call for increased and improved ferry service. Current ferry service is good, but if it ran longer hours (both morning and evening rush hours), more people would use it. Every person that rides the ferry to Newburgh is likely one less car on the road.
  • Comment on All Aboard! by Leonard Lindros Jr. February 14, 2019
    I've had a Lionel train set since I was born which was 80 years ago. My father, who was then making $8 per week, went out and bought this set and my mother just about killed him. I was told that my father and an uncle had more fun with the trains for the first several years before I knew enough about them. Every year I would have these trains go about t […]
  • Comment on Beacon’s Lost Bridge by Johnna Dema February 11, 2019
    I would like to see it built as close to the original one as possible. Since the deck will not be the old wood planks, they could make a side fisherman's path or bicycle path that could display the names of people who donated to rebuild the bridge. Where I live now, in Bainbridge, our schools and public parks place bricks with names of residents who don […]
  • Comment on Booming Beacon by Kelly Ellenwood February 9, 2019
    People are interested in moving to Beacon, and up until this development happened, there was nowhere for them to move to. At one point, Beacon had a less than 1 percent vacancy rate. Prices rose. Supply and demand. Now, with more places to live, prices should stabilize, at least through the next economic cycle. Beacon is better than ever! It's still lov […]
  • Comment on Letter: Bridge Bottleneck by Donald MacDonald February 9, 2019
    And once you get through those 9D backups you creep into the even bigger backup created by construction work on the Newburgh side of the bridge which seems never ending and causes bumper-to-bumper, parking-lot conditions on I-84 well east of Beacon and on Friday afternoons all the way to Fishkill. The whole situation is a mess. Thank you, Jonathon Jacobson, […]
  • Comment on Letter: Bridge Bottleneck by Gregg Zuman February 9, 2019
    Why ease access for more and more vehicles to our congested local roadway system when we can alleviate regional commuter issues with low-cost, system-level solutions at the ready? The bottleneck issue on Route 9D between the Metro-North Beacon station and the access roads to the Hamilton Fish bridge seems driven by the increasing numbers of vehicles operated […]
  • Comment on Booming Beacon by Charles Symon February 9, 2019
    It looks like all the planning over the years is finally paying off. More and more run-down properties are being purchased and renovated, along with the new buildings Beacon property values are finally increasing and the city is looking good. There will always be people who complain the prices are too high, but at least the people that took the gamble years […]
  • Comment on Booming Beacon by Lillian Rosengarten February 9, 2019
    I feel very sad that the Beacon I loved no longer exists. The prices are incredibly high and the town has lost its quirky, lovely mix of people to become a wealthy, dull, overcrowded and overblown place. Why did this happen? There is no vision of beauty but greed took over once again.
  • Comment on Booming Beacon by Roxanne Meyer February 9, 2019
    All this overdevelopment is ridiculous! It drove me out of my hometown. How many apartments and condos do you need? Who will buy or rent them with the prices so high? Will never understand how and why all these projects were approved.
  • Comment on Roots and Shoots: Seedling Trees for a Greener Future by Michael Leonard February 8, 2019
    What an informative and encouraging article to spur us all into action this spring. Planting trees does have so many advantages and can clearly benefit us in helping to clean the air we breath. We unfortunately live in an area that receives low air-quality ratings that we need to counter this by MASSIVE tree planting. When choosing your spots try and remembe […]
  • Comment on Nelsonville in Settlement Talks Over Cell Tower (Updated) by Kelly House February 5, 2019
    The Nelsonville Village Board will hold a workshop on Thursday, Feb. 7, at 7 p.m. to discuss 5G and winter parking. The board will then enter into executive session to discuss pending litigation. Anyone may attend - please do!
  • Comment on More New State Laws by Frank Haggerty February 1, 2019
    Interesting. It might be desirable to see if consumer ceramic items (if they can be used as weapons) may include some metal content inside, or metallic coatings, or similar, so that they may more easily be identified via standard metal sensors. If that is feasible, it might them be something which may need to be by law mandated at the time of manufacture. If […]
  • Comment on More New State Laws by Site Editor February 1, 2019
    Domestic violence is defined in the state criminal statute as an assault, menacing, obstruction of breathing or blood circulation, imprisonment, coercion, harassment, trespass, arson or attempting to commit any of these where the defendant and victim are members of the same household. Prison officials say they have concerns about ceramic blades because they […]
  • Comment on More New State Laws by Frank Haggerty February 1, 2019
    What is the definition of "domestic abuse," pray tell? Are body scanners really needed - and are they safe, and cost effective - in the search for a ceramic knife? There are some questions about the health hazards of these now commonly used body scanners. Just how often are ceramic knives used, effectively? I have not seen this issue reported in th […]
  • Comment on More New State Laws by Chris Rowley February 1, 2019
    The key word in the new state law that requires people convicted of domestic abuse to turn in their firearms to the police is convicted. It’s not based on suspicion, allegations, an arrest or the filing of charges, but only on conviction. Otherwise, it would be unjust.
  • Comment on Beacon Schools Project Expected to Begin in April by Chris Ungaro February 1, 2019
    I can’t wait for the bake sale to pay for this!
  • Comment on Beacon Schools Project Expected to Begin in April by Megan Migliore February 1, 2019
    It’s wonderful that they’re doing this, but I wonder why they’re not making a track around the new artificial-turf field at Beacon High School? The running program in Beacon is huge and produces scholarship winners. Why not give these athletes the same running facilities offered at schools like Roosevelt or Wallkill?
  • Comment on With Housing, What is ‘Affordable’? by Joseph Michael Pedro III February 1, 2019
    Overpriced housing is one reason the City of Beacon Fire Department is losing volunteer firefighters. The younger generation simply can’t afford to live in Beacon. That fact has a cascading effect on the fire department as well as other volunteer public safety agencies in the Hudson Valley.
  • Comment on With Housing, What is ‘Affordable’? by Naomi Canaan February 1, 2019
    Affordable housing and workforce housing is still not here in Beacon. In the new construction on Fishkill Creek only three small apartments that wrap around the elevator and are under 600 square feet each are the “affordable” ones. Listening to an elevator day and night and knowing this was designated as “workforce” because no one else wanted it is a slap in […]
  • Comment on The KKK: No Percent American by Site Editor January 29, 2019
    Otis Montrose was the publisher of the Cold Spring Recorder at the time; the editorial was reprinted from a longer version that appeared in the Nov. 30, 1922, issue of the weekly Christian Advocate, which was published in New York City by the Methodist Church and to which Montrose much have subscribed.
  • Comment on The KKK: No Percent American by Michael Lyons January 29, 2019
    It was certainly refreshing to read this wonderful article. It is also reassuring to know that our forefathers were very forward-thinking people, considering that this was not too far after the Civil War. So many of these words are so powerful, and can be applied to many of the current situations going on in America today. Thank you so much for publishing th […]
  • Comment on Cruisin’ Down the Hudson (Video) by Charlie Birck January 27, 2019
    Great videos, Scott Snell. You could be the founder of a new Hudson River School.
  • Comment on Cruisin’ Down the Hudson (Video) by Donald MacDonald January 26, 2019
    That is an amazing video...
  • Comment on How Steep is Too Steep? by David North January 18, 2019
    Thank you for elucidating Philipstown driveway grade requirements and precedent. I hope the Philipstown Planning Board will stick to those guidelines. The project at 220 South Highland Road begs the question, however, how was this ever deemed a suitable building site? It is hard to envision how we would create a great park and trail system, then allow a near […]

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