Nearby disposal sites designated to accept expired and unneeded supplies 

This press release was received from Assemblywoman Sandy Galef’s office

On April 28, 2012, local residents are being asked to participate in a movement to help stop the improper disposal of prescription drugs. Taking place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., local families are encouraged to gather up all their expired, unwanted, and unneeded prescription drugs for them to be disposed of properly by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA.) Local disposal sites include the Ossining Police Department, Croton Police Department, and West Point Military Academy; additional locations can be found online.

National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day was initiated after it was observed that prescription drugs were being disposed of improperly, causing these medicines to end up in lakes and rivers because water treatment facilities are simply not equipped to properly filter these drugs from the water supply. Many people believe that prescription medicines can be flushed down a toilet or drain, leading to low levels of drugs like antibiotics, hormones, contraceptives and steroids in 80 percent of the rivers and streams that were tested by The United States Geological Survey (USGS). The continued exposure to low levels of these prescription drugs can lead to not only negative effects of fish and wild life, but also the rise of drug-resistant bacteria.

Perhaps even more troubling though, is that these outdated prescriptions can end up in the hands of children and teenagers. Each day, 2,500 teens use prescription drugs to get high for the first time and 60 percent of youth who used prescription pain relievers did so before the age of 15. “National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day is one of the best methods to stop our youth from abusing prescription drugs and making our community a safer and healthier place,” says Assemblywoman Sandy Galef. A growing misconception is that prescription drugs are safer than illegal drugs because they have been prescribed by a doctor. Not only is the idea untrue, but it is extremely dangerous because some of the more common prescriptions like Ritalin, Adderall, pain killers, and sleeping aids can lead to permanent health problems or even death.

The proper disposal of prescription drugs is something that can easily be forgotten in these hectic times, but on Saturday April 28, 2012, make it a priority. Not only will National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day make rivers, streams and wildlife healthier, but it will also make homes and communities a safer place for all. “Ensuring the proper disposal of prescription drugs is a small effort that will positively affect the both the wildlife and water supply within our communities, as well as make our neighborhoods a safer place for all,” states Assemblywoman Galef.

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