Dear Editor:

By a substantial majority, we believe, Cold Spring villagers want the next Village Board to:

  • Implement and regularly enhance the Comprehensive Plan as conditions evolve;
  • Take steps to mitigate the emerging dangers of sea-level change and ever more severe storms;
  • Upgrade all dimensions of our infrastructure;
  • Restrict formula businesses;
  • Prohibit more drive-thru franchises; and
  • Insist on a commercial landscape that distinguishes this village from the visually numbing experience of so many other similarly sized villages.

Only the Village Board and its proactive trustees can achieve these goals.

The village needs smart, energetic leaders with common sense and without objectives or agendas other than the welfare of Cold Spring. Many villagers can satisfy these requirements for trustee. However, a special villager has stepped up and stands out: Stephanie Hawkins.

Stephanie Hawkins already gives unselfishly to the village. As an indicator of her public spiritedness, she volunteers huge amounts of time and even more energy to the Special Board. Her effort and impact comes through at every turn.  The Comprehensive Plan, the Local Waterfront Revitalization Strategy and the expected Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan would not have the necessary force without her participation.

She is a dynamic, caring and trusted neighbor with a rich vein of common sense and infectious enthusiasm. We feel that Stephanie qualifies as the ideal village trustee.

Hopefully many villagers, like us, will say, “Of course!” and support Stephanie Hawkins on Election Day.

Richard Weissbrod
Dianne Richey
Cold Spring

Dear Editor:

Stephanie Hawkins is running for Cold Spring Village Board trustess. I know Stephanie from serving with her on the Philipstown Depot Theatre Board where her leadership qualities are greatly valued. She is intelligent and fair-minded. She is hardworking and cares about the details of every issue. She is always there when needed. She has both vision and patience. For the good future of the village of Cold Spring, I urge the voters to cast their votes for Stephanie Hawkins.

Kathy Plummer

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