Letter: Praise for Crazy for You

Dear Editor:

It seems as if you’ve seen the Zgolinski name quite a few times recently, but I couldn’t even go to bed tonight without writing yet one more letter. I just returned from the Haldane production of Crazy for You and am just awestruck. What an amazing show! What amazing voices, dancing ability and acting ability! These kids that I see every day (some more than others!) were transformed into stars — each one of them did an amazing job.

Martha Mechalakos and Katie Bissinger have been working with these kids almost since school started, but wow, they certainly had a lot of talent to work with. Kady Neill and Lucy Austin have such astounding voices, and I just can’t say enough about Matt Marino — what a remarkable talent! The number with him and Simon Close was just incredible. I’ve been watching Tyler Mell perform for years and I really hope he goes into the entertainment field because he’s a natural onstage. There were so many in the cast, and I could go on and on, but please take it from me that each one up there did an excellent job. The live music was great too.

This letter probably sounds overly effusive (I actually had to check the thesaurus for synonyms for “amazing”) to those who unfortunately didn’t get to see the show, but anyone who was there will understand what I’m saying. If you didn’t see the show, I would absolutely recommend that you reserve time about this time next year for whatever production they’ll be performing, because I guarantee that you’ll be in for a treat.

Candy Zgolinski
Proud School Nurse at Haldane

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