Letter: HDRB Chair Expresses Concern on PCNR Inaccuracies

Note: The Paper was copied on the letter below submitted to the PCNR.

This letter is in regards to the front-page article in the Putnam County News & Recorder Jan. 15 edition which describes the HDRB meeting held the week before. There are several inaccuracies in the article but I would like to correct the one which may cause your readers concern.

The headline of [the] article states “Historic Board … Seeks to Expand District.” I was perplexed because that was not discussed at the meeting. Reading the article, I didn’t see anything which supported this headline. If the headline refers to the discussion of the survey of 500 properties, then the headline is totally incorrect. The survey we discussed is of buildings already within the Historic District. The survey was performed under a CLG grant and the HDRB Board members were looking to review and update the survey so that it could be made available to the public.

Your readers should also be aware that the HDRB cannot add properties to the Historic District. Under the Village Code, only the Village Board of Trustees has that power. The Code also describes the process which requires notices and public hearings. At the meeting none of this was discussed nor is it being contemplated. We discussed only the survey of the existing Historic District properties.

In the future, if your reporters have any questions or wish clarifications, please contact me. I will be happy to discuss with them the actions of our Board.

Al Zgolinski
Cold Spring Historic District Review Board

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