Letter: Yes on Matt Francisco

Cold Spring villagers can continue to benefit from Matt Francisco’s expertise and experience by electing him to a second term in office.

As with many elections, this one has aspects of a popularity contest. Is this candidate or that candidate my friend? Is liking someone the sole or primary criteria for supporting a candidate? Does the candidate unabashedly, without rhyme or reason, support my pet issue whether it is the boat club, a senior center or independent trash collection contractors? Do I then support a candidate for one of these reasons alone and put aside the need to have trustees with the ability to deal competently with the complicated issues regularly confronting the Village Board?

We ask all villagers to examine all competencies of each candidate when making your choice:

  • Does the candidate have an unambiguous track record of working hard?
  • Does the candidate possess the skills and knowledge to address the issues before us today?
  • Does the candidate weigh options clearly and patiently?
  • Does the candidate have a history of independent decision making?
  • Does the candidate hear and consider everyone’s concerns and positions on and off the bench?
  • Does the candidate respect individual and property rights?
  • Does the candidate take actions that will leave our village a better place now and in the future?
  • Does the candidate express that we must live as community with diverse opinions and goals?

We maintain Matt Francisco clearly meets or surpasses all of these criteria.

Richard Weissbrod
Dianne Richey
Cold Spring

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