Haldane musicians participated in the 2014 Elementary All County Music Festival.
Haldane musicians participated in the 2014 Elementary All County Music Festival.

Twenty-one Haldane students participated in the 2014 Elementary All County Music Festival at Brewster Middle School. The All County Chorus was conducted by Susan Kelly, a former Haldane music teacher, and Aimee Brainard was the accompanist. They sang Round, Rolling Moon by Amy F. Bernon, the French Canadian Folk Song J’entends Le Moulin arranged by Emily Crocker, A la Cart by Judith Watson, and The Silence and the Song by Mark Patterson. The Haldane altos were Joseph Carmicino, Kelsea Condon, Julie Geller, Jack O’Hara and Sabrina Timke. Sopranos included Mollie Altucher, Maddy Barkman, Shaye Martin, Margaret Reid and Cathy Tacuri.

The All County Band was conducted by Robert Nolte. They played Declaration and Dance by Larry Clark, Aztalan by Michael Sweeney, The Sound and the Fury by Robert W. Smith and Jump Start by Steve Hodges. Haldane clarinetists included Anneke Chan, Elias Henderson and Lindsay Phillips. Abigail Platt played bass clarinet. Alto saxophone players were Wesley Hall and Curtis Huber, while Walter Hoess played trumpet. Quinn Petkus played trombone and Noah Bingham, Olivia Monteleone and Andy Scicluna were percussionists.

Congratulations to all musicians and families, Haldane Chorus Director Danielle Cornacchio, and Band Director Debbie Contini.

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