Opens with film about men accused in Central Park jogger case

Depot Docs, the series which screens documentary films at the Depot Theatre in Garrison, with the director and/or other key creative personnel in attendance for a post-screening Q-and-A series afterwards, will begin its season shortly. Details on the first two screenings follow:

Friday, Sept. 26 at 7:30 p.m.

The Central Park 5

In 1989, five black and Latino teenagers were arrested and charged for brutally attacking and raping a white female jogger in Central Park. News media swarmed the case, calling it “the crime of the century.” This incendiary film By Sarah Burns, David McMahon and Ken Burns, tells the riveting tale of innocent young men scapegoated and serves as a mirror for our times.

Friday, Nov. 21 at 7:30 p.m.


“If Batman lost his cape, car and fortune, and had to get a job in the real world, he would probably work for the E-Team” — This startling documentary follows the boots-on-the-ground division of an international human rights group. Arriving as soon as possible after allegations of human rights abuse surface, the E-Team uncovers crucial evidence to investigate, document, and capture the world’s attention.

Tickets for the screenings cost $20 per person and are available at

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