Letters: Vote Flaherty for Town Board

I’m writing to bring to your attention an outstanding candidate for the Town of Philipstown town councilman. I’ve known Bob Flaherty for over years. Bob’s dedication and ability to navigate complex situations and problems in the workplace is admirable, as well as his commitment to family and civic duty. He has a long standing record of community involvement, serving as a member of the North Highlands Fire Department, Little League coach and involvement with Pop Warner Football.

Always a positive influence, Bob manages to give of himself to the community while holding down a project management position in the tech field. After recently filling the position he currently holds on the board, I believe it is simply a natural progression for Bob to now run for this elected seat this fall.

Bob is an asset to our community, and would be fully prepared and engaged to continue the work he has already started.

Ed Bub
Continental Village

Election day is quickly approaching and as a lifelong resident of this community I would like to show my support for Robert Flaherty for the Town of Philipstown councilman. Bobby is dedicated to his town, church and family. I have known Bobby and his wife Annette since I was a kid as I grew up across the street from their family.

I know voters can trust that Robert Flaherty will do what is right for Philipstown. Please join my husband, Mark Scanga, and I as we go to the polls on Nov. 3 and vote Flaherty!

Melissa Scanga

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