Letter: Perfect Time to Step up for Haldane Board

It was with some regret that I announced my resignation from the Haldane Board of Education recently. I say that because serving on the board for the past four years has been a hugely rewarding experience and there’s a lot I’m going to miss. I’ve had a chance to build relationships with my fellow board members, the school’s administrative team, the faculty and the staff. I’ve had a chance to make what is hopefully a positive contribution to the local community. It even helped me get a job, as my school board leadership credentials impressed the educational technology startup company I ended up working for.

The board is seeking someone to fill my seat until the next election. It is seeking someone who’d like to serve beyond the appointed term and who would therefore run for election in May. If you’ve thought about serving on the board but have been put off by the election process, here’s an opportunity to make a positive impression during the appointment period and enjoy the advantages of incumbency during the election.

This is an especially important time for Haldane. The district is embarking on an ambitious five-year plan to reshape instruction in a way that engages students deeply so they develop the skills they’ll need to compete effectively in the global economy and make a positive contribution to society. At the same time, the tax cap and the recognition that school taxes present a great burden to many within the community imposes financial constraints on what’s possible. So the board is seeking someone to help find an appropriate balance and guide the district through a challenging time.

There is no profile for the perfect board candidate. It’s a tough job that requires a lot of work for no pay. There are always plenty of excuses to sit back and let someone else do the job, or to say you might do it, but just not now. There is no perfect time, so I urge anyone who cares about the school and feels they could make a positive contribution to seriously consider submitting a letter of interest to the district clerk.

Peter Henderson
Cold Spring

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