Letters: Gipson for State Senate

I am writing to convey my support for Terry Gipson for New York State Senate (District 41).

I have known Terry since 2011. As our state senator from 2012 to 2014, I saw Terry’s great dedication to District 41 in action. He needs to return to office to continue fighting for a brighter future for all residents in the Hudson Valley and New York State.

We need a strong advocate in Albany. Ethics and campaign finance reform, job creation, tax relief for working families, improving public education and protecting public health and our environment are many of the critical issues Terry is passionate about defending. These are the issues that impact and determine the quality of life we all share in the Hudson Valley.

His opponent, Sue Serino, lacks leadership. She doesn’t have my back and I don’t believe she has yours. And her troubling support of Donald Trump, one of the most disastrous presidential candidates in our history, speaks volumes.

Terry Gipson has my vote and I hope he has yours.

Mara Farrell, Fishkill

Do you like your local schools? Do you want to see them prosper? If you do, this should be the paramount issue regarding the race in the 41st State Senate District. The incumbent, Sue Serino, wants to divert funding away from local schools and replace them with charter schools, accountable to no one. How do we know this? Because her campaign is flooded with money from New York City real-estate barons and highly paid charter school CEOs who want to turn our public schools into pay-to-learn profit centers, where children are faceless numbers on their ever-expanding ledger sheets.

Terry Gipson wants to strengthen our schools, maintain accountability and bolster your voice on how children are educated. If you value your child’s education, you only have one choice in this year’s election in the 41st Senate District. New York City magnates and their puppet Sue Serino don’t care about our children. Terry Gipson does.

Lawrence Fleischer, Garrison

Election season sometimes brings out the worst. We see lies and character attacks on people that often have no basis in fact. I am proud to support Terry Gipson for State Senate because he has been running a positive campaign since day one.

As a current Village Trustee, and former Town Board member, in Rhinebeck, I know Terry Gipson well. Both he and his wife, Michelle, are always working to improve the local community in Rhinebeck and throughout Dutchess County. This service goes back even before Terry served as a Village Trustee in 2009, when we were struggling with basic infrastructure problems, and Terry ran for Trustee so that he could tackle them.

Terry has been a volunteer firefighter, and is a Kiwanis Club member in Poughkeepsie. Chances are, if you are involved in any community organization, or volunteer effort, you likely know and have worked with both Terry and Michelle at some point.

When I hear ads claiming that he doesn’t care about the local community, I know that this is just typical election season non-sense. This is an easy one. There is no one I know more committed and selflessly dedicated towards improving the public good than Terry Gipson. That’s why I will be voting for him this November, to be our next State Senator, and continue his mission to help the Hudson Valley.

Gina Walker Fox, Rhinebeck

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