In Memoriam

Twenty-five Philipstown residents lost their lives during 20th-century wars. Their names are engraved on a monument at the corner of Main and Chestnut streets in Cold Spring.

World War I — Percy W. Arnold, Edward Burns, George A. Casey, Charles N. Clainos, Charles DeRham, John R. Fisher, Clarence Fahnestock, James Harvey Hustis, J. Paulding Murdock

World War II — Martin E. Adams, Edward Budney, H. Ellis Bowden, Gerald Dale, Warren Eitner, W. Russel Farrell, Ralph Fleming, Arthur Gillman, Walter Glanville, Thomas Lutz, Stanley Matthews, Anthony Nastasi, Allen W. Olsen, Joseph V. Richardson, Lester F. Roberts, Arthur Warren

Vietnam Aldon Asherman, John Bennett, Keith Livermore

Father Shane Scott-Hamblen of St. Mary’s-in-the-Highlands, Jack Dickerhof and Chip Kniffen place wooden crosses on the lawn of the church in preparation for Memorial Day. The work, which began May 22, is completed over several days. (Photo by Anita Peltonen)

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