Land Trust to Sponsor Trail Stewards

Also arranges for 40 new acres at Fahnestock

The Hudson Highlands Land Trust will provide funds and training during the 2018 season for a New York-New Jersey Trail Conference program that places stewards at the trailheads of Breakneck Ridge to advise hikers.

Trail stewards at Breakneck Ridge (Photo provided)

More than 100,000 people visit Breakneck Ridge, which is part of the Hudson Highlands State Park, each year. The 2017 season saw the most visitors in a single day (2,087) and a single hour (525).

The Trail Steward Program, launched in 2013, runs on weekends and holidays from Memorial Day weekend through Thanksgiving. Stewards advise hikers on park regulations and safety precautions and sometimes direct them elsewhere.

The land trust also recently arranged for the state to purchase 40 acres of private land to expand Fahnestock State Park on its northern edge.

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