Reader Endorsements: Beacon Council

I am a mom and homeowner and committed community member of Beacon. I care deeply about our city and want a plan that protects our quality of life, protects our environment and controls development. I want a leader for our ward who will listen when the community speaks their concerns. That person needs to do his research, build consensus and implement solutions. That’s why I voted early for Dan Aymar-Blair for Beacon City Council, Ward 4.

Dan has been pounding the pavement of Ward 4 every chance he could since last spring when he began his bid. He has knocked on countless doors and spoken to hundreds of our ward members, many multiple times. He has laid the groundwork for being open to their concerns, listening to their issues and he is getting ready to implement those ideas he has heard.

I have personally seen Dan’s leadership skills up close on two different occasions. Two years ago, Dan gathered with a group of citizens concerned about development in Beacon to start the People’s Committee on Development. The other, Grannies Respond, was a nationwide protest action against the separation of families at the border. Dan helped get the Beacon coalition of grannies 2,000 miles to McCallen, Texas to make their voices heard.

In both cases, Dan led meetings with heated and sometimes conflicting opinions. He listened, he did his research, he facilitated the discussion and was finally able to bring the groups to consensus and then action. He never lost sight of the goal yet still paid attention to each person and his or her needs.

Dan is passionate about the causes I care about. He does his research and is open and attentive to people’s concerns. His inspiration is motivating. These are the qualities I want from my city council member. If you live in Ward 4, please join me in voting for Dan Aymar-Blair.

Jessica Jelliffe Beacon

I would like to strongly encourage my neighbors in Ward 4 to vote for Dan Aymar- Blair on Nov. 5 to represent us on Beacon’s city council.

Here’s why.

I’ve known Dan for years, and I don’t think I’ve met anyone more passionate and hardworking to help others. He gets things done by listening, finding consensus and helping folks organize to have the ability to change things that aren’t working.

One of the things most us agree on is that there are real problems with the way development has been managed here.  The environmental and cost impacts of development are shouldered largely by the public, and more units have not decreased rents. Dan will listen to us, work together to find solutions and get thing done.

We have the power to make Beacon’s success work for all of us, and I know Dan will work to make that happen.

Kevin Byrne, Beacon

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