Committee Assignments

The following are the committee assignments for local representatives in the 2021 state legislative session that began in Albany on Jan. 6. There are 33 standing committees in the state Senate and 37 in the Assembly.

State Sen. Sue Serino (R)
– Aging
– Cultural Affairs, Tourism, Parks and Recreation
– Finance
– Insurance
– Social Services
– Transportation

State Assemblywoman Sandy Galef (D) [Philipstown] – Corporations, Authorities and Commissions
– Election Law
– Governmental Operations
– Health
– Real Property Taxation (chair)

State Assemblyman Jonathan Jacobson (D) [Beacon] – Cities
– Election Law
– Insurance
– Labor
– Local Governments
– Transportation

At the federal level, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, a Democrat, serves on the Agriculture; Intelligence; and Transportation and Infrastructure committee.

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