In Memoriam

Memorial Day

The men remembered here died during their wartime service, either during combat or from disease or accidents.


The list was compiled by Robert William Phillips for the Beacon Historical Society, with additional names from state records and newspaper accounts.

World War I

John Bump
H. Gordon Deicke
George Delahay
George E. Deveson
Frederick A. Garrison
Frederick Harris
Frank Incarnati
Francis J. Murphy
Austin T. Robinson
Pasquale Salese
George Stafford
James J. Tomlins
Frank H. VanHouten Jr.
William Wilson

World War II

Arthur J. Baxter
John H. Beattie
Robert A. Bennett
Luigi F. Bettina
William J. Brennan
John W. Briggs
Frederick H. Brewer
Thomas B. Carrol
Calvin Clensay
John Collins
Nicholas T. Coppola
Raymond W. Detweiler
Andrew B. Eichorn
George J. Eichorn
Paul L. Facteau
Robert M. Faris
Ralph L. Fleming
David Fontaine
George P. Frederick
Saul Gerlich
Alexander J. Grudzina
Michael J. Groza
Joseph Halbosky
Gordon E. Hughes
Henry I. Idema
Edwin J. Johnson
John Keto
Albert A. Knight
Orville Kranz
Ernest H. LaChance
George LaChance
Arnold E. Lasko
Robinson C. Lent
Walter M. Lewis
Judah H. Lewittes
James J. Lockwood
Michael E. Maskewicz
Joseph McGaughan
Peter Menger
Howard G. Mitchell
John F. Mignault
George S. Mitchell
William T. Morrison
Patrick J. O’Brien
Francis G. Peattie
Guy D. Pendleton
George Perrault
Kenneth G. Perry
Dominick J. Phillipo
Carmen A. Ramputi
Robert V. Resek
Lester F. Roberts
Peter J. Seranto
Francis T. Splain Jr.
Burton Stevens
Stuart F. Stripple
Richard E. Sutton
William J. Tallman
Rody J. Tighe
Francis J. Toth
George P. Turiga
Andrew Urbanak
Joseph C. Usifer
Rosco L. Vaughn Jr.
James J. Walker
John P. Wasnorowicz
Louis J. Westerhuis
Rene’ Zahner


Anthony N. Scalzo


John J. Bennett
Thomas E. Devine
Everett Foster
Philip R. Mattracion
Terrence E. O’Neil
William R. Phillips
James S. Pittman
Emilio Rivera
Joseph T. Slinskey

The ‘Lost’ Faces of Vietnam

In 2014, of the 58,300 names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund Wall of Faces (, 24,000 had no photos.

Michael Garlo

After calls to the public to contribute, thousands of photos were posted. By 2019, only one soldier from Putnam or Dutchess counties remained without a photo: Michael Garlo, a Marine from Fishkill who was killed in August 1969. His image (at right) has since been added, along with that of Ramon Gonzalez of Newburgh, who was killed in February 1968, and Bruce Reed of Peekskill, who died in February 1969. Both served in the Army.

Today, only 57 service members remain without photos, including 17 from New York City and Long Island.


The list is taken from the war memorial at Main and Chestnut streets in Cold Spring, with the addition of Walter Croft.

World War I

Percy W. Arnold
Edward J. Burns
George A. Casey
Charles N. Clainos
Walter H. Croft
Charles DeRham Jr.
John R. Fischer
Clarence Fahnestock
James Harvey Hustis
J. Paulding Murdock

World War II

Martin E. Adams
H. Ellis Bowden
Edward Budney
Gerald Dale
Warren Eitner
W. Russel Farrell
Ralph Fleming
Arthur Gilman
Walter Glanville
Thomas Lutz
Stanley Matthews
Anthony Nastasi
Allen W. Olsen
Joseph V. Richardson
Lester B. Roberts
Arthur Warren


Aldon Asherman
John Bennett
Keith Livermore

MEMORIAL DAY 1958 — Minnie Gunther of Cold Spring shared this snapshot of Girl Scouts marching on Main Street in Cold Spring, led at right by Miss Davis, a third-grade teacher at the Garrison School. The three girls at center are Gale Rakshys, Karen Karlin and Susan Gunther.

Memorial Day 1958

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