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Trust Project logoThe Trust Project, led by journalist Sally Lehrman, is a consortium of news companies building transparency standards that allow readers to easily assess the quality and credibility of journalism online.

The Highlands Current has been a member of The Trust Project since September 2020.

The project includes more than 200 news outlets, including The Washington Post, The Economist, The Denver Post, The Globe and Mail (Toronto), Frontline (PBS), the BBC, Sky News, the Bay Area News Group, The Toronto Star, Mic, Hearst Television, the South China Morning Post, Italy’s La Repubblica and La Stampa, Spain’s El Pais and Cambio 16, Germany’s Deutsche Presse-Agentur and Greece’s Kathimerini.

In order to join the Trust Project, news outlets must go through a rigorous approval and compliance process. Digital platforms, including Google, Facebook and Bing, use the Trust Indicators and the machine-readable signals associated with them to more easily surface, display or label trustworthy news to their users.