Putnam County Chambers of Commerce Announce Letter Campaign

The Putnam County Business Councilhave begun a letter writing campaign to lobby public officials for a more streamlined process of business development approvals. 100 elected officials, architectural, planning and zoning boards throughout Putnam County have been targeted for the initial mailing.
       With nearly 900 members, the Putnam County Chambers of Commerce represent an influential block of county business owners. One obstacle to business development is the complex and time consuming process required to obtain the various approvals and permits necessary for any building or renovation project. The Chambers maintain that not only are businesses adversely affected but also the county at large. One suggestion made in their letter is that representatives from county planning and zoning boards together make regular visits to Chamber events to give businesses and the community guidance as to the viability of proposed projects, and help getting approvals in a timely fashion with minimal economic impact to the businesses. The letter was signed by: Jennifer Maher, Acting Chairwoman of the Board, Nathaniel Prentice, Acting Vice Chairman of the Board, Salvatore Gambino, Acting Treasurer, Debra Boccarossa, Acting Secretary, and Peter Bardunias, Acting senior executive  (ex-officio).
       The Putnam County Chambers of Commerce is formed with the participation of the 7 major business organizations in the county.  Its mission is dedicated to serving as the primary advocate, voice, and resource for our business community, in order to promote our members, provide educational opportunities and to enhance individually viable commerce districts throughout our County.  
       Additional information may be obtained by contacting Pete Bardunias at 845-628-5553 or [email protected].

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