Historic Fireboard John Harvey to Visit Cold Spring, Give Tours

The historic fireboat John J. Harvey, a nautical hero, will visit the Cold Spring dock this weekend, Saturday, Aug. 14 and Sunday, Aug. 15, and give free tours and rides, according to a Friday-afternoon announcement from the Cold Spring village government.
       Named for a firefighter killed during an explosion, the Harvey went into service for the New York Fire Department in 1931. Before her retirement in 1994, she was involved in some of the most famous marine fires in New York City history — a blaze at the Cunard pier in 1932 and two during World War II, the burning of the Normandie in 1942 and the fire on the ammunition ship El Estero in 1944.
       On Sept. 11, 2001, the Harvey returned to active service to help in evacuations from Ground Zero and stayed on duty for 80 hours to fight the fires at the site, providing vital assistance when water mains in the area were disrupted.
       Anyone interested should visit the dock this weekend for more details on the Harvey’s schedule and plans.

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