St. Mary’s Church Provides Haunted Church on Halloween Weekend

Area residents know St. Mary’s Episcopal Church as the grey gothic building a top the immense lawn where the annual Halloween Parade assembles in Cold Spring. But hardiest souls realize that beyond St. Mary’s venerable wooden doors lurks a realm of spooks and specters, mayhem and mystery, scares and screeches — the Haunted Church. But it only happens once a year, Halloween.   
       This year’s event will occur on two evenings during the Halloween weekend.  From 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 30, the day of the Halloween parade, the Haunted Church will be open for previews. (Many, but not all, features will be operational.)  Even bigger things will follow the next day, Halloween, Sunday, Oct. 31, when the Haunted Church will be open from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. The event is free to the public, although St. Mary’s welcomes donations. The church is located at the corner of Chestnut Street (Route 9D) and Main Street (Route 301), at the traffic light in Cold Spring.
       As part of the Sunday evening Halloween festivities, parishioners will supply light refreshments and candy for trick-or-treaters and the church will serve as a respite for those getting weary or cold going door to door.
       More than 2,000 props, devices, and decorative embellishments are involved in this year’s Haunted Church, the 8th so far. According to the Crypt Keeper, “visitors will gain entry by crossing our new drawbridge over Murky Moat. For the first time, the Hudson Valley’s own `Headless Horseman’ is expected to venture up from Sleepy Hollow,” the Crypt Keeper promised — or warned.
       “Those brave enough are invited to eavesdrop at Dracula’s Dinner Party, as the Count entertains the likes of the Wolfman and the Mummy,” the Crypt Keeper added.” The church will also host a ghoulish wedding, complete with the celebrated three-skeleton `Bare Bones Choir.’ An entire section of pews has been reserved for the `Wholly Ghost,’ with dozens of spirits expected to attend.” Before darting off in wizardly fashion, he imparted a final word of caution prospective Haunted Church-goers: “Be careful walking around outside on Halloween! Slithering monsters have been reported underfoot!”
       For more information: Thom Harrington, 845- 896-6333.

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