Angelina’s Pizza Delivery Car and Motorcycle Involved in Cold Spring Accident


By Liz Schevtchuk Armstrong

At approximately 5:30 p.m. Saturday, (May 28) the well-known Angelina’s pizza delivery car and a motorcycle collided on Route 9D, in front of the Lahey medical offices and old Butterfield Hospital in Cold Spring. The accident sent the Cold Spring Fire Company trucks, Cold Spring Police Department, Putnam County Sheriff’s Department, and ambulances from Transcare and the Philipstown Volunteer Ambulance Corps racing to the scene, as onlookers watched from the grounds of the Chestnut Ridge apartments.

The wrecked motorcycle lies in the street

Staff at Angelina’s subsequently said that their driver emerged unscathed, except for a possible nosebleed. According to unofficial accounts, the motorcyclist, seen with neck wrapped in a brace or bandage as he was loaded into a Philipstown ambulance, was airlifted by to a Westchester hospital by a medical evacuation helicopter that met the ambulance behind the hospital on the parking lot.

Responders deal with the accident

As they dealt with the accident, the emergency responders closed the section of 9D winding around the hospital grounds and directed traffic onto Chestnut Street. The damaged hybrid listed in the street at the northern edge of the area, while the motorcycle lay on its side in the middle of the street further south. Pieces of broken equipment lay in the grass and edge of the street. will provide further information as it becomes available.

Photos by Liz and Mike Armstrong

One thought on “Angelina’s Pizza Delivery Car and Motorcycle Involved in Cold Spring Accident

  1. No thanks to the PCNR, there are rumors going around that the cyclist died NOT TRUE!, and our driver was arrested, again NOT TRUE! The PCNR likes to make up stories and they care not of anyone, or who they are hurting. I assure you that our driver was not texting or drinking or even on the phone. He was given a test at the accident seen, and there was NO ISSUES what so ever. Our prayers go out to anyone effected my the accident.