Home Composting Units Available at Village Hall


Mayor Gallagher with Earth Machine composter

The Village of Cold Spring is making 100 Earth Machine backyard composting units available to residents on a first-come, first-served basis. The units may be picked up at the village hall for $40, (while supplies last.) Composting turners may also be purchased for an additional $25, but are not necessary for the operation of the composting bin.
       The village strongly encourages residents to compost food and yard debris. Removing these items from the waste-stream reduces the cost for handling and disposal of waste. According to the manufacturer and resident’s testimony, the Earth Machine composting unit is easy to use and dependable. Please refer to this link for a detailed description of a home composting program and to obtain a home composting handbook.
       Residents are asked to call the village hall, at 845-265-3611, prior to picking up their composting bin.  
Photo by M. Turton

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