Battle of the Books: Heist Society

Nicole Mitchell

That lovely feeling of “I can’t put this book down”

By Nicole Mitchell

Editor’s note: Butterfield Library’s 2012 Battle of the Books team members will be reviewing each of their books. Look at the archives for previous stories.

The book Heist Society by Ally Carter is a great read. It tells all about a young woman named Katarina Bishop and her family’s unusual business. She must save her father from a terrible villain who accuses Katarina’s father of stealing his artwork. The only problem is that she believes her father wasn’t the one who committed the crime.

Heist Society is a riveting book with main characters that have such a way with talking to each other, you wonder about the characters’ real relationships. As the plot thickens and more clues as to who may have framed Kat’s dad are thrown into the picture, you wonder how the end could finally reveal all. But Ally Carter creates an amazing storyline full of beautiful European cities, amazing relationship bonds, a wickedly mysterious villain and a creative, witty main character.

I loved this book because of the clever conversations between Katarina and her best friend W.W. Hale. Though Hale will not tell Kat his first name, she has a fun time guessing it. Many of the members of Battle of the Books agreed that you can relate to Hale and Kat’s relationship. Hale and Kat are very good friends, so good that they constantly tease each other with smart remarks and an extreme understanding of each other’s needs and wants. They are the pair that like each other but would never admit that they want to be more than friends. This is certainly a funny and upbeat book as you follow the twists and turns of Kat’s amazing mystery.

I would recommend this to older kids, mostly because it may be hard to follow the story when you’re deep into it. It is probably best for kids in fourth grade and up. But it is certainly an astounding book with a comical and suspenseful story line. I would give this book 5 of 5 stars; it held my attention, pulled me in and created the lovely feeling of I can’t put this book down!”

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