Patricia Polacco Visits Haldane and Garrison

Patricia Polacco

The Garrison and Haldane School PTAs arranged for author/illustrator Patricia Polacco to present her work and inspiration to students in grades K-5. She told the children tales of her childhood, including stories about her learning disabilities and “her rotten red-headed older brother.” She shared the pain she felt when other children laughed at her because she couldn’t read. She asked the students to reach out to others and help them rather than tease them.

At Haldane, Polacco focused on her books The Keeping Quilt and Meteor. She explained the history of the quilt and how it was made from clothing from her family. The children were fascinated to hear about how the quilt takes part in all family celebrations. Meteor is the story about how a meteor fell on her grandfather’s farm. She brought a piece of the meteor with her and encouraged the students to make a wish on it.

Polacco was the teachers’ first choice for visiting author, according to Garrison School Board member Charlotte Rowe, who helped bring her to both schools.

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