Water Discoloration Possible Tuesday

Run cold-water taps until clear

The Mainlining Services, Inc. (MSI) crews have been working at a very steady pace, establishing temporary bypass piping throughout the remaining scope of the project. Tie-ins for individual homes and properties are next, before excavations begin.

Service tie-ins for properties in Nelsonville on Secor, Crown and Main Streets (west of North Pearl) will begin on Tuesday, April 23. In addition, properties in Cold Spring near the Town Hall will begin to have their service lines tied in as well.

Residents in the area of Kemble Avenue, Boulevard, Constitution Drive and Forge Gate Drive may experience a period of discoloration after 8:30 a.m. Temporary water mains installed to serve the distribution system west of the Metro-North Railroad will be filled and flushed from the main on Forge Gate Drive. Every effort will be made so that inconvenience is minimized, in both degree and duration of the discoloration. Residents are advised to run their cold-water taps until clear.

To contact MSI Project Superintendent Bill Knarr, call 716-846-5118, and to reach the foreman, call 716-440-7434.

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