Letters: Michael Leonard Best Choice for Town Board

Michael Leonard a good choice for my Philipstown Town Board seat

To the Editor:

I’m stepping down at the end of this year as your councilwoman. I thoroughly enjoyed working for and with the people of Philipstown for the past 25 years.

Michael Leonard, with all his experience, is a good choice for my seat on the Philipstown Town Board.

Michael is on the town’s Planning Board and serves as its chair. He is also on the Conservation Board, and the Board of Assessment Review. He attends Town Board meetings and workshops, which shows his interest and dedication to the community.

Michael has an all around knowledge of what’s happening in the town. He listens carefully to all sides of the issue before making a decision.

Please join me on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 5, and vote for the dedicated team that will work for you.

Re-elect Richard Shea, a proven leader as your town supervisor; John VanTassel who has shown his dedication to the people of Philipstown as your councilman for the past 4 years; and elect Michael Leonard, who sits on different Town Boards, giving him the insight as to what is going on in the town.

Betty Budney
Cold Spring

 I’m for Mike

To the Editor:

Mike Leonard is running to become the newest member of Philipstown’s Town [Board] council, replacing the indefatigable Betty Budney. I urge my fellow residents to vote for Mike.

With the energy we put into these elections, one would assume that the role is filled with glamour and glory. It is not. Instead, a seat on this council requires a steady hand, attention to detail, an openness to hear all who come before the council, and a fairness to weigh the facts without favor. The hours are long and yet motivation must remain high.

I have watched Mike first-hand for 2 ½ years on the Planning Board and can tell you that he embodies all these qualities. He is a fair man. He is patient. He does the research that is needed to understand arcane topics. He listens to the public and his fellow board members. He leads with facts and not opinions. He works to bring consensus and resolution. Through 30+ actions before the Planning Board, whether in his role as a fellow Planning Board member or as chair, Mike Leonard has proven to me he has the right qualities to be an incredibly effective council member and a good steward of our resources.

He is, in short, the right man for the right job.

We will endure another month or so of electioneering. That is the process and it is a good one. But I am already sold on who to vote for, come November. Mike is my man.

Neal Zuckerman

Vote for the Best Qualified Town Board

To the Editor:

Those of us who live in Philipstown are so fortunate to have such a high quality Town Board. When we learned that Betty Budney had decided not to run for re-election, many of us wondered whether Philipstown would be able to maintain the standard Betty set.

The answer is yes, because Mike Leonard is running for the newly opened seat on the Board. I highly recommend that you vote for Mike in November, along with Town Board member running for re-election, John VanTassel. And, of course, we need to continue the leadership provided by Richard Shea as town supervisor.

I’ve gotten to know Mike Leonard as a person who is a thoughtful listener, who weighs both sides of every issue so that he can reach the conclusion that he believes will work best for the town. He also is a strong decision maker, and is ready to implement and make things happen.  Mike has shown both this wisdom and leadership as he has served on the Planning Board (currently as chairman), the Board of Assessment Review and the Conservation Board.  His interest in and knowledge of town-wide issues is amply shown by his regular attendance at Town Board meetings.

We’ve been blessed with high quality representation on our Town Board. Please help continue this by voting for the re-election of Richard Shea for town supervisor, the re-election of John VanTassel to the Town Board and the election of Mike Leonard to Town Board.

Margaret Yonco-Haines

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