Letter: Shea, Van Tassel and Leonard for Council

Candidates have expertise and professionalism needed

To the Editor:

Skill, experience and hard work make town government function effectively. It takes competent, conscientious people to meet the challenges of governing our Town. Richard Shea, John Van Tassel and Mike Leonard have the expertise and professionalism needed to fulfill the duties of the Town Council. Every Election Day is important. I hope you will cast your vote for these three remarkable individuals. They, along with Nancy Montgomery and Dave Merandy, will form an effective, responsive team for our local government.

Time marches on, as they say, and our area will continue to grow and change with the needs of the people and with our desire to improve our quality of life. It will be essential to have elected officials with deep knowledge of how development proceeds, a sense of balance and perspective, and the right temperament. All three candidates have these qualities.

Richard Shea shepherded the process for our new zoning code, demonstrating a boundless capacity to listen to the concerns of the people in our community and to find solutions for the new code. John Van Tassel is an important local leader in the North Highlands Fire Department and has brought his knowledge of issues of public safety to important projects while on the Town Council.

Mike Leonard has dealt with important issues as Chair of the Planning Board, and while serving on the Board of Assessment Review and the Conservation Board. Residents of Continental Village know Mike, and his willingness as a practical problem-solver, and will welcome his addition to the Town Council.

These men have a lot to live up to in order to match the extraordinary service provided to the community by Betty Budney in her 25 years as a member of the Town Council. Betty has all of the qualities noted above, and will continue to be a source of advice and counsel.

Please vote on Nov. 5, and cast your vote for Richard Shea, John Van Tassel and Mike Leonard.

Michael McKee

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