Every year I look at campaign season in Cold Spring Village as the time that we need to be grateful for all that we have. I am very grateful to live in a place where people are so passionate about land use, about water access, about trees, about their Main Street. I don’t agree with everyone’s passions but I am thankful anyway. In my travels I have seen many dying villages and small municipalities, which look like they have given up. People don’t care, and I am so happy that we do.

I am very thankful for the work our board of trustees has done this past year. Some are critical that enough has not happened, or happened fast enough. But a lot has happened and it has happened at the speed it needed to, allowing for citizens and neighbors to consider, to comment, to review. Our trustees listen to everyone, they are thorough, they are fiscally conservative, and they care.

When I moved here, the trustees only met once a month, and decisions were made behind closed doors or just pushed along by the mayor. They were good people but we now have a transparent democratic government.

I am thankful that we have this newspaper, which strives for accuracy instead of sensationalism, focuses on content rather than personality, and does not target public servants nor citizens just to create a story.

And lastly, I am grateful for Matt Francisco and Donald MacDonald for continuing their dedication to serving the public. Having Matt’s skills in business and real estate has served us all well. He is never obstructing or stopping, just always works to clarify and work in our best interest. Donald has shown in 13 years on the ZBA that he has the patience and caring of a saint, treating everyone respectfully and thoughtfully.

As we move into updating our zoning code, his knowledge will be invaluable. If you can, contact them, ask them your questions. You also will be thankful to see them stand up to serve our community. Vote for them to serve you.

Judith Rose
Cold Spring

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