Letter: Matt Francisco for Trustee

We Cold Spring residents are a lucky bunch. Here in the village, we enjoy the unparalleled beauty of the Hudson Highlands; a picturesque small town steeped in history and alive with today’s vibrant energy; and a community of talented people who are deeply invested in this place. I’m grateful that many of them generously share their expertise and time through public service.

I am especially delighted that Matt Francisco is running for re-election as a village trustee. In an economic climate that has most local governments fighting rising costs, Matt’s fiscal management experience has actually generated savings for Cold Spring taxpayers by cutting village insurance and legal expenses. At the same time, Matt has remained committed to the kind of responsible, strategic development that will strengthen and enhance this village for the future.

I hope your readers will vote on March 18. And I hope they will join me in supporting Matt Francisco for trustee.

Beth Edelson
Cold Spring

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