To residents of Philipstown:

Randy and I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you following our wedding. To our neighbors and folks in Cold Spring, we appreciate your understanding and patience.

Many of you have gone out of your way to offer us encouragement while we were grabbing a bite to eat around town or shopping at Foodtown — we’re grateful for your kind words and support.

A special thank you to Sheriff Don Smith for all his security recommendations and our federal, state, county and local law enforcement for their tireless efforts to keep our community safe. Father Shane Scott-Hamblen and the community of St. Mary’s were incredibly welcoming to our family, and we’re appreciative for their assistance.

Our local businesses went above and beyond to feed, house and serve our friends and family, and many of the guests commented on how welcoming and beautiful a community Cold Spring is — we couldn’t agree more. We were truly blessed to celebrate with our friends and family, and even more blessed to live amongst so much kindness.

Sean Patrick Maloney
Cold Spring

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