No background in Buddhism necessary

All are invited to study and practice in a space where generosity, personal transformation, loving-kindness and compassion are featured topics of conversation. The Dharma Teacher Order will host the Dharma Study Class starting on Sept. 6. The class will be held in the fourth floor conference room in the Spiritual Life Building at Graymoor in Garrison every other Saturday from September through April from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Thich Tri Hoang
Thich Tri Hoang

The class theme is Buddhism and the Mind. No background in Buddhist studies is necessary. If one chooses, a Certificate of Buddhist Studies is offered after meeting all class requirements in a three-year period. Casual class participation is also welcomed. Suggested class donation: $150 for the year. The end of the year three-day retreat is an added expense and a requirement for people seeking a certificate. All class donations are tax deductible.

The class is organized and taught by senior students of the Venerable Thich Tri Hoang who founded the Dharma Teacher Order in 1997. The class has been in existence in the Hudson Valley for nine years. The structure includes group readings, student presentations, and discussions that allow participants to contemplate Buddhist concepts and share and explore how to live the Dharma.

According to Sherry Horowitz, a senior student, “The class allows a sacred space to explore our busy Western lives and to deeply contemplate the values that are important to us. Practice and study are emphasized equally.”

On Sept. 6, meet Rev. Hoang and class members. An overview will be offered followed by refreshments. For information, e-mail Maeve Eng-Wong at [email protected], or Fernando Camacho at [email protected].

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