Lithgow Osborne to Walk Across Putnam County

Putnam County Clerk candidate to leave Cold Spring at 7:30 a.m.

Lithgow Osborne

Lithgow Osborne

Putnam County Clerk candidate Lithgow Osborne will walk from Cold Spring to Carmel on Sept. 13, 2014, to demonstrate, in his words, “the distance that separates Eastern and Western Putnam is not far.” In an effort to address the concerns that county services should serve all who live in Putnam, Osborne plans to stop along his walk to meet his neighbors.

“When you walk you see and hear so much more,” he added.

Osborne will step off at the bottom of Main Street in Cold Spring at 7:30 a.m. His final destination is the steps of the historic courthouse located at the county seat in Carmel. He estimates that he will arrive by 5 p.m. “It’s a small investment of my time to hear from the people of Putnam and learn what they expect of their government.”

For this “Walk Across Putnam” which is approximately 20 miles from Cold Spring, Osborne has been regularly walking several miles per day in his hometown of Garrison and throughout Putnam County, knocking on doors to introduce himself. “My gas bills have never been lower,” Osborne joked.

The walk will continue the following weekend, Sept. 20, with a walk from Carmel through Patterson to the Village of Brewster. “My goal is to raise awareness for my campaign and to meet my neighbors. I want to hear what they have to say.”

Photo by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

One thought on “Lithgow Osborne to Walk Across Putnam County

  1. What a great way to make both a symbolic and concrete statement that County officials should represent all of Putnam County – and I’m confident that Lithgow will do just that. Also, as Lithgow has observed, you only really see what needs to be done when you take the time to talk to people and see things for yourself. We can be confident that Lithgow intends to have a detailed understanding of the county he will be serving!